Who Should Stay; Who Should Go?

November 2nd, 2009
Joe would love to see Cadillac Williams return next season but just how long will his surgically repaired knees hold up?

Joe would love to see Cadillac Williams return next season but just how long will his surgically repaired knees hold up?

Joe has decided to take a look at a handful of Bucs players who, per Rotoworld.com, are in the last year of their current contract with the Bucs. Joe wonders who should the Bucs keep and who they should let walk.

Antonio Bryant: Gifted receiver but there are two problems. One is his health. He had limited play in training camp due to a bum knee. That missed time has shown as has his bum knee. Plus, he will be expensive to sign. Additionally, why would Bryant want to stay with the Bucs?

Donald Penn: One can argue he is the best Bucs player. But the Bucs will have to open the safe to keep him. Imagine what a solid left tackle like Penn can get on the open market and Jerry Jones and Danny Snyder waiting with an open checkbook in hand?

Barrett Ruud: Joe isn’t so sure why people are in love with Ruud? Great guy, nice guy. But has he done anything since, oh, last Thanksgiving that makes anyone stop and think, “Oh, man, the Bucs must have Ruud?”

Jeremy Trueblood: Joe likes him but Mark Dominik should not break the bank on this guy. He’s a walking yellow flag. Sure, he can block OK but what good are his blocks if the gains are called back for his penalties? Keep him, yes, within financial reason of course.

Jimmy Wilkerson: With the exception of Roy Miller and possibly Stylez White, there is no one on this defensive line that really should stay.

Cadillac Williams: This could get dicey. He’s having a great season for a running back with two surgically repaired knees. How long can they hold up? Buyer beware.

4 Responses to “Who Should Stay; Who Should Go?”

  1. Bassuka Says:

    We need to keep or franchise and trade Bryant and Penn. We should try to do the same with Ruud he is a solid MLB and if we get rid of him we need picks in return.

    Trueblood if not an “OK” blocker, he doesn’t stop anyone and the QB is always under pressure from his side even small DE push him around on pass situations. That’ll be a bad signing like the MC80sucks one.

    Wilkerson could stay for DL depth, but only for the right price.

    Caddy needs to be brought back, but not break the bank for him.

  2. big nick Says:

    yeah only caddy should come back, Im sick of trueblood bring back penn and caddy let the rest go to the tuskers?

  3. Matthew Says:


    Jimmy wilkerson has best our best D linemen… He’s on his way to having an 10+ sack season. Do I think he’s a guy you build a D line around, no I do not. But let’s say we use our first two picks on D linemen he’s the kind of guy you want there with some young players coming in. He’s a hard nosed ball player. He’s already out played our Adams and he was a top 5 pick.

  4. Eric S Says:

    If Bryant wants big money, let him go. He is a bit of a headache and we already have Talib for that. They definitely need to resign Penn. Good LT are hard to find. Ruud is having a decent season. If you don’t resign him, you have to replace him somehow. We don’t have anyone on the bench ready to step in. Maybe someone in the draft could do it.

    I wouldn’t shed a tear over Trueblood. He doesn’t seem like he is getting better. He just makes a ton of penalties. Wilkerson is having the best season by far of any of the Bucs DL. You must resign him. I don’t see how that can be questioned. Sign Cadillac to an incentive laden contract. He’s not going to get big bucks elsewhere. Teams just don’t give huge contracts to RBs, especially ones with injury histories like Cadillac.