Bucs Now The Lone Winless Team

November 2nd, 2009

Good morning, Bucs fans. Joe just thought he’d inform you, if you have not yet heard, that thanks to the Lambs and the Titans winning yesterday, the Bucs are now the lone winless team in the NFL.

Oh yeah, and the team the Bucs will face this Sunday at the CITS will be the Packers, fresh off getting humiliated at home yesterday. Oh, and the Bucs will be playing a rookie quarterback making his first start.

My, what a wonderful Monday morning. Hope you have a good week, too.

Even in a bye week, the Bucs found a way to lose.

4 Responses to “Bucs Now The Lone Winless Team”

  1. jfgobucs Says:

    Hey ….whats Spurrier holding

  2. Greg Says:

    McKay: “Steve, is that the chick you were telling me about?”

    Spurrier: “Yeah Coach, she’s sooo hot, but for the love of God, I can’t understand why being with her makes my crotch itch so bad!”

  3. ChuckInJax Says:

    I don’t look at yesterday as us losing anything, as a matter of fact, we are now the leaders in the clubhouse for our only worthwhile objective…”With the first selection…’ Congrats to our Bucs, now let’s not screw up this last little part of ‘the plan’.

  4. big nick Says:

    Where is aaron sears?