While Bucs Practice, Jim Bates Dines

November 25th, 2009

Tuesday afternoon, WDAE-AM 620 reported that while the Bucs were in the middle of practice, defrocked Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates ate at a fast food restaurant.

In this video clip that Joe is embarrassed to link to because it is from a trashy cable outfit that pisses daily in the collective faces of football fans, Bates is confronted in the parking lot of the chain fast food joint by a part-time WDAE on-air personality.

Bates refuses to answer any questions other than to claim he is still employed by the Bucs.

Well. Bates is such a coveted “consultant” to Raheem the Dream, he is either banned from practices at One Buc Palace, or he is free to blow off practices so he can have a cornbread muffin with his fast food meal.

One Response to “While Bucs Practice, Jim Bates Dines”

  1. Pruritis Ani Says:

    The video reminds me of one of Geraldo Rivera’s ambushes. They have to be paying the guy a hefty sum to stick around…. I would have been gone. I mean, how do you stay when you have been emasculated like that?