Was Fake Punt A Sign Of Job Insecurity?

November 30th, 2009
Come on Ronde, weve got to get a win. My new mortgage payments are ridiculous.

"Come on Ronde, we've got to get a win. My new mortgage payments are ridiculous."

Though Joe knows that Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune was being sarcastic in his column about the Bucs loss to the Dixie Chicks yesterday, an otherwise throwaway line rang a bell with Joe.

In explaining (sarcastically) the reasons Raheem the Dream made a number of questionable decisions yesterday, Henderson wrote the following:

Choose your favorite invective: Raheem Morris is a) an idiot; b) clueless; c) cost the Bucs a 20-17 loss Sunday to Atlanta and should be fired without delay.

He did so with a couple of coaching decisions that were a) imported from the planet Zortron; b) not something anyone would try playing the Madden video game, let alone a real NFL contest; c) anyone got a phone number for Bill Cowher?

Interesting. Could Raheem the Dream have been motivated to pull some risky calls because, possibly, he thought his job may be on the line? That by beating the Falcons on the road it may have secured Raheem the Dream another season as the Bucs coach?

Joe wonders…

3 Responses to “Was Fake Punt A Sign Of Job Insecurity?”

  1. Paul Says:

    I have to say Raheem knows that his job is on the line and has been on the line.

    I would go even further and say that I bet Raheem wanted to fire Jim Bates before the NO game but Raheem didn’t want to debut against the #1 offense.

    He saw that Atlanta was missing Turner and their LT with a rookie defensive backfield. He let Bates be the scapegoat for the NO game and then come in looking like a hero against the injury depleted Falcons.

  2. warrenfb Says:

    You can bet on Raheem’s job being safe. There is no way he doesn’t come back next year. Besides, the fake punt wasn’t a bad call. I do disagree with that field goal.

  3. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    There is another site that I frequent and over there they cant get enough of Morris. It’s like fighting a losing battle or sailing on a sinking ship with them they truly buy into everything he says. To them morris is a hero and he has revived the defense it’s totally crazy over there!