Vacation Man Trashes Raheem The Dream

November 30th, 2009

Last week Vacation Man of laid out his premise of why he thinks Raheem the Dream will be one-and-done as the Bucs head coach.

It seems Raheem the Dream gave Vacation Man more ammunition yesterday as Vacation Man claimed he was the reason the Bucs lost.

It was all looking so good and, then, Morris got in the way. Instead of playing by the book, he signed off on a fake punt that resulted in punter Dirk Johnson looking like Garo Yepremian. Morris signed off on attempting a long field goal that missed and gave the Falcons good field position.

And he called a timeout that he didn’t need to call. That might have helped Atlanta’s coaches and players a little more time to think as Redman threw a touchdown pass to Roddy White with 23 seconds left.

Maybe Morris did the right thing in taking the defense out of Bates’ hands. Maybe Morris will make another move this week and make himself into a head coach — one that doesn’t make huge mistakes when his team pretty much has a game won.

It’s hard for Joe to disagree with any of that. But to be fair, had now-defrocked defensive coordinator Jim Bates still been in charge, would the Bucs defense had held the Dixie Chicks to under 25 points?

6 Responses to “Vacation Man Trashes Raheem The Dream”

  1. Paul Says:

    “would the Bucs defense had held the Dixie Chicks to under 25 points?”

    I think so. We’re talking about a severely banged up team, missing their starting QB, star back and half their O-Line.

    Bates’ defense held NY Giants to 24, Washington to 16, and Miami to 25. The only difference in those, are those teams chose to run on us. Atlanta was missing their starting QB and star RB so they only ran about 25 times to about 50 pass. They were missing their star RB and were playing 2nd-3rd string on the O-Line…so yah.. I think Bates’ defense would have had about the same end result, he just gets there differently….

    We got 6 sacks against G-Bay’s bad O-Line as well. 4 against Miami. We’re just coming off a 0 sack day against the best offensive team in NO. Some of these sacks can be attributed to unpreparedness on Atlanta’s part by facing a new DC that they have no idea of his tendencies. I know the Ronde Barber sack was directly attributed to this.

    I’m no Bates’ supporter, I’m just a Raheem skeptic. I was excited this offseason when they said that they were hiring within and Morris was taking over for Kiffin as Defensive Coordinator, but now Raheem is under the magnifying glass as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Joe Says:


    Bates’ defense held NY Giants to 24

    Both you and Joe know full well Coughlin called off the dogs in that game. If the Giants wanted to, they could have easily put up 50.

  3. Paul Says:

    I guess Joe. we’re talking about the Redman and his injury depleted Falcons as opposed to the healthy NY Giants early in the season.

    Our offense is as much to blame in that NY game for the score as our defense. The time of possesion was absolutely ridiculous almost 45min for NY. We owned the time of possesion in the Atlanta game. So you can’t say that, Joe.

    Look, I think Jim Bates sucks and I would rather Raheem be calling the defense. Bates has one system and can’t change it for anything to meet the type of players that he has. I just don’t understand why everyone is putting up the Raheem posters when our Defense handled an unprepared and injury depleted Falcons team.

  4. Paul Says:

    TB’s offense put up 86 total yds in the NY game! 0% on 3rd down! 5 1st downs!

  5. Chuck Says:

    They were unprepared for Redman as well. Let’s see how they do for a couple of games before we start giving the key to the city to Raheem or bashing his defensive play calling. Also, if bates was running the show would they have knocked those two players out of the game? They still had the best TE and a great WR playing.

  6. Paul Says:

    His name is “Pat Ya-Saints-kas” from now on btw.