Vacation Man Gives Freeman One Year

November 1st, 2009

Not too many people in the fourth estate this side of Mel Kiper championed the cause of the Bucs drafting and now playing rookie quarterback Josh Freeman — no matter the consequences, no matter if he is ready — than’s Vacation Man, aka Pat Yasinskas.

Despite his long support for Freeman, Vacation Man, a former Bucs beat writer and current Tampa resident, isn’t giving the Kansas State product much time. Vacation Man is willing to give Freeman one year to prove his worth.

Jose S. (NYC)
Pat, if Josh Freeman does not show any promise for the remainder of this season and the first half of next, what is the next QB move for the Bucs?

Vacation Man
Hire a new coach and let him pick the QB.

Gee, for someone that appears to be in the tank for Freeman, that’s not much of an opportunity.

One Response to “Vacation Man Gives Freeman One Year”

  1. David Says:

    As a human, I think Freeman shouldn’t be punished for having a bad rookie year if he has one. As a fan, I couldn’t agree with the Vacation Man more.