Talib Blows Curfew, Curses Out Raheem

October 31st, 2009

talibmugThe dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, broke a story on 620 WDAE-AM yesterday about Aqib Talib and other Bucs significantly blowing curfew in London.

The result wasn’t pretty.

After the Bucs’ loss to New England, per Duemig citing an eyewitness, the curfew violators were confronted in the hotel lobby by a waiting Raheem The Dream and numerous F-bombs were fired from Talib’s mouth to Raheem The Dream’s ears.

Joe must note that the Bucs have not denied the report, and Joel Glazer has not issued a scathing response.

It happened.

Surely, Talib will be fined yet again. Whether it be paying fat hourly wages to defense attorneys, numerous team fines, bar tabs for Torrie Cox, and no doubt soon a civil suit payoff to a cab driver, Talib is a walking ATM these days.

What concerns Joe must is the lack of internal leadership within the Bucs locker room. What has multiple players thinking it’s OK to be 0-7 and bust curfew?

Does this happen if Derrick Brooks is on the team?

It was Raheem The Dream who labeled Talib “wild child” after he got in trouble shortly after being drafted by the Bucs in 2008.

It’s time for Raheem The Dream to drop some serious discipline on his bad apple before he spoils the whole young bunch.

31 Responses to “Talib Blows Curfew, Curses Out Raheem”

  1. Oli Says:

    now that IS worrying.

  2. Trox Says:

    Joe, totally agree on the discipline part. I would suggest a one game suspension. Love the guy ‘s talent, but he can’t be above the rules.

    However, here is the million dollar question? Will Raheem be allowed to hand down discipline, or will the czar GM over rule him? I’m really starting to have doubts how much authority the coach is able to exert from player discipline, playing players, possibly even picking his staff.

    Maybe a good PR move might be to fire Dominik and promote Doug Williams. I’m not sure Doug could do much worse.

  3. justin Says:

    They have cap room, derrick brooks wants to play, sign him please his is an icon and the leadership the defense needs.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is just another symptom of a Much Larger Problem.
    I doubt Derrick Brooks would even consider playing for this joke of a Staff.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    When the Bucs lost Rachel Watson, everything went south. She was the Franchise player if you ask me.

  6. george c. costanza Says:

    they had a curfew AFTER the game? what’s the point of that?

  7. george c. costanza Says:

    Aqib needs to quit drinking.

    But if Buc fans wish we had kept Phillip Buchanon, it appears he’s underwhelming everyone in Detroit — http://tr.im/DJam

  8. J Lynch says Says:

    No chain of command at all.I guess being the players friends don’t cut it when it counts huh?? Did he call him RADIO ?After he MFD him

  9. Matthew Says:

    I hate what the buc’s have become… Last player to yell f bombs at his HC that played here was Key… He was sent home. And never played for the buc’s again. We should trade this guy now like Alt did with Hall. Because the way he’s going he might not be in the NFL much longer. And you don’t need players like this to win, you know what? You can’t win with players like this!

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t understand why Faine & Hovan don’t just take Aqib out behind the Bleachers and beat the everliving $#!t out of him. Some things can only be solved by a good @$$ whooping.

  11. Jorge Says:

    Big MackAttack, your social skills are usually at best questionable, but I agree…Get the vets together and beat the bad out of him…

    Sincerly, your local Psych advisor…

  12. Buc Faithful Says:

    We need to clean house from top to bottom and re-establish discipline and structure! UUUHHHHH! Can anyone say Dungy, he won’t come back he is dedicated to his family and work. Also, he would not do that to the city of Indy. They treated him well, but I know he still has a major soft spot for the Bucs. Maybe he has some major advice because this team and city are lost right now. I’m absolutly disgusted with this team and organization. Shame on us for letting it get this far. Black out all the home games and away games and maybe some free agents and coaches won’t realize what they will be getting themselves into next year. I can’t speak for the whole league but a lock out might come at the right time for this team! Yuck!!!

  13. raheem Says:

    Yes, this is a much larger problem. NOBODY RESPECTS RAHEEM, this reflects just as poorly on Raheem as it does for Talib. You think Talib would be shouting F bombs at Bilichek if he played for him?

    I get it, football players are stupid/spoiled individuals, he stayed out late and yelled at his couch and should be punished, but really who cares what punishment he gets, that’s trivial at this point. There needs to be a level of respect established for the coaching staff, which obviously doesn’t exist at this point, and really, given the staffs actions over the past 6 months, why would the players respect them as leaders? i love the bucs, but this team is a COMPLETE JOKE right now, a tough season was to be expected, but each week it feels like this team is regressing on multiple fronts and giving little to be optimistic about, a DIRECT result of poor decisions by Raheem and his staff which could bury this team for years to come.

  14. big nick Says:

    maybe he can play for the tuskers

  15. george c. costanza Says:

    Joe? It’s George again … Listening to Pat Kirwan on Sirius NFL today … PK said he was appaled at Talib cussin’ out Coach Morris … but didn’t suggest what should be done about it … in a way, it was like Larry Johnson in KC disrespecting his Head Coach on Twitter, PK’s broadcast partner suggested (whose name I don’t remember now.)

    Kirwan went to say he’s known Coach Morris going back to coach’s playing days at Hofstra and thinks highly of him as a person and good guy, but said the decision to make him a head coach with such little experience was not a good move, explaining that being a Head Coach is a tough job that entails a lot of decision making, especially on the sidelines at gametime.

    Add to that having a first-time General Manager, going to a new defense which our defensive tackles can’t handle, and firing the offensive coordinator 9 days before the first game (an OC, by the way, who has pro experience, he pointed out) and this is what happens …

    That’s all for now, Joe.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Whore-Gay, if you’re going to insult me, at least spell my name correctly. If I need a shrink, I’ll go buy a liberal midget.

  17. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Costanza, nearly all teams have curfews on players when they’re traveling on the road. Doesn’t mean it’s extraordinarily early, but there’s almost always some rule in place. Otherwise you’d have chaos with no leash on dozens of young millionaires running around.

    Kirwan’s not shedding any light. It’s the same old story, Raheem’s a nice guy. Dominik’s a nice guy. Neither has proven they know what they’re doing yet. It all comes down to wins. Dominik and Raheem The Dream at least had enough talent, time and money (yes money) to put together a coaching staff and a roster to win 3 or 4 games. That’s not disputable. If they lose them all, there’s no reason to think as a body of work that they even know what the hell they’re doing.

    Like Dominik and Raheem The Dream, I’ve got a real job, too. If I fail every week, I would expect to get canned.

  18. Mike Says:

    Yet Duemig was trying to make excuses for the whole thing, at least the part I heard. Of how with the time difference, a midnight curfew in London is like these guys having bedcheck at 7PM Tampa time. What, is Talib now his new best bud? What, is he a big spender at The Venue? So hypocritical, he crucifies guys that he’s not buddy buddy with, but makes excuses for his butt buddies, like Clayton, Keyshawn and McFarlland…

  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Think you need to have heard the whole audio, Mike. Plus Duemig has ripped into Talib on multiple occasions. Even saying the guy has some clear mental/emotional problems.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, I know Duemig is your buddy, but I can’t stand him either. He’s another one of the Rocket “Radio” Scientists that helped get Gruden run off. Look what it left us. A big pile of horse $#!t. Duemig does a decent job talking about golf, but he thinks he knows everything about Football and he doesn’t. I agree with Mike too that he protects his buddies and rips those he doesn’t like, including callers that don’t deserve it. I have never spoken to him and I’m glad, but I don’t listen to him anymore either. Justin should take his place.

  21. RastaMon Says:

    ghetto thug

  22. Z-BucFan Says:

    Most likely, Talib has been buying DoucheMig drinks at the Venue before beating up cabbies, which is why he’s making excuses about the time difference. I’m not sure what the answer is for Talib. Maybe he’s just a headcase. But he played with Brooks last year, and apparently learned nothing. Even an upcoming court date hasn’t taugh him a lesson. If the vets can’t straighten him out soon, he’s on his way at the rate he’s moving, and then we’ll have nothing to show for our 1st round pick.

  23. Mike Says:

    Talib is Pacman Jones 2.0. All the talent in the world with no brains. His off the field antics will have him off the team by 2011, just watch.

    Z-BucFan, Raheem ran off all the vet leadership on this team. Faine and Hovan aren’t natural leaders, neither is Ronde. Ye reap what ye sow, Glazers.

  24. Z-BucFan Says:

    Mike, couldn’t agree more. My point was that we had veteran leadership last year, and Talib didn’t learn anything from them. This years team doesn’t stand a chance teaching this meathead anything.

  25. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I don’t care how much “talent” someone has when it come to football. If you act like to psychopath you shoudn’t get the PRIVILDGE to play in the NFL.

    The Bucs should suspend Talib for 2 games – without pay. Tell him to get his shit together and if there is one more problem he’s out. Then report all the details to the NFL commish so that if Talib doesn’t straighten up he’s on the street.

    Of course Talib can always get a position with a street gang beating up other gang bangers or working as a pimp but I for one am really tired of this piss poor behavior.

    Having the veterans “beat the snot” out of Talib does what? Teaches the little spoiled brat that more violence and disrespect is ok?

    You can’t teach morals to these young kids who have no conscious. I hope Talib can fight well because he’ll need those talents when he finally goes off the deep end and winds up behind bars for a few years.

  26. Eric S Says:

    Talib will always be trouble. The guy had problems in college, so it is not surprising that he causing havoc in the pros. People are what they are. I believe he will probably will never change.

    Agree with some other posters about Duemig. If you are buddies with him, you can’t do wrong. He will make excuses for the player or coach (Bobby Knight anyone). That is why I really don’t think it is ever a good idea to become close to the players if you are a sports radio talk host. You truly can’t be objective. Clearly when Duemig doesn’t like someone, he never lets it go and can’t form rational thoughts about the person. He has had it out for some of most successful in the area like Dungy, Gruden, Joe M. But the former Lightning coach and the piece of garbage Storm coach could do no wrong. It is always fascinating to see how it plays out.

  27. True Bucs Fan Says:

    Leadership starts at the top. The Glazers set the tone by being cheap and not providing adequate financial support. They hire inexperienced, less-expensive GM’s who hire inexperienced, less-expensive coaches. No veteran leadership, no defensive stability, no offensive identity, no plan for getting better. Basically, all the things Tony brought with him. It’s hard to watch, especially since we used to have guys on the team who we loved and respected like Brooks, Lynch, Dunn, etc. I don’t see this team getting better any time soon. Because of the sweetheart stadium deal, the Glazers make alot of money even during an 0-16 season, so they have little incentive to spend money. They do not care about football championships like the Rooneys, Jones or the Krafts; they like Money.

  28. Gino Says:

    Two words-blanket party.

    Problem solved.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    Everything they said about Talib prior to the draft has come true. All of the Red Flags that popped up are now waving high above the CITS. HE has a bad attitude, as they said. He hasn’t been caught abusing Weed yet, but he is abusing alcohol. They said he takes plays off and gives up on plays, which has happened numerous times. He is Dr Jekyll & Mr Hide. He is Michael Clayton Jr. but not as smart, because Clayton doesn’t get caught. “It’s all about the Paycheck Baby!”

  30. Louie Says:

    You can talk about dicipline all you want, and I think some form of punishment is very valid (I like the blanket party idea). Howerver, this guy needs some serious counciling. He needs to be forced to attend anger management as part of any punishment.

    At this point, I’d leave it to the next coach to determine whether Talib says on the team or not. Besides, it’s past the trade deadline, so the only choice is to suspend or release him.

  31. JK Says:

    Admin, I mean Joe, What do you mean when you say neither Morris or Dominik know what they are doing YET? You seem to be the only one backing the Glazers on their popular decision they made at the end of last season. By saying YET you must know when it will click for the dynamic duo. Please enlighten all of us followers because you obviously know when great things are going to happen for the Bucs. “It all comes down to wins.” Brilliant!!!