Ticket Sales May Determine Bucs Moves

November 5th, 2009

If eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribuneis correct, family members and friends of Raheem the Dream and Mark Dominik will be buying loads of season tickets for the 2010 season.

Kaufman, writing in a question-and-answer format, all but says that the job security of Raheem the Dream and possibly Dominik may depend on how many season tickets are sold for next season.

Q: It seems to me that the entire Bucs organization from the general manager and head coach to the assistants are in over their heads. The firing of the offensive coordinator one week before the season began is a symptom (in my opinion) of an organization in disarray or one that just doesn’t know what to do. The decision to make Byron Leftwich the starter is another poor decision and a colossal waste of time. I’ve been a Bucs supporter since the beginning, and the caliber of play this season harkens back to those years of 1 and 2 wins per season. Isn’t it clear to the ownership that they have made a fundamental mistake in the hiring of both the head coach and general manager? My season tickets won’t be automatically renewed next year. I’m waiting to see some infusion of qualified personnel.
John Chapin, Tallahassee

A: Your frustration is both obvious and understandable. This administration has made a string of poor judgments since the start of training camp and the results are there on the scoreboard for all to see. Buc fans sitting on the fence about renewing tickets for 2010 want to see progress as this season unfolds. And that’s exactly what the Glazers will demand as they decide whether to stick with Dominik and Morris to chart the future. If the Bucs are showing improvement in December, that will count heavily for ownership. If the arrow is flat, heads will roll.
— Ira Kaufman

Joe has heard that theory before and Joe believes it has merit. Think about it: If the Brutal Bucs finish the season at 0-16 and no moves are made on the coaching staff — just finishing winless should dictate massive changes on the coaching staff even if Raheem the Dream somehow survives — just how are the Bucs supposed to market the team if it hits rock bottom and no changes are made?

“Hey, come out and watch the worst team in football! We have the first pick in the draft who might be a player in three years, so buy your tickets now and avoid the rush!”

That won’t fly.

6 Responses to “Ticket Sales May Determine Bucs Moves”

  1. thedeej3000 Says:

    That’s right, Joe… It won’t fly…

    Look around… you think things are going to get better by the end of the year? I’ve mentioned this before… If the stadium is half full like it was against Carolina… Raw-Heem has to go. It’s a simple equation, I know people have said they are stuck with him until Gruden gets another job, but if Raw-heem is costing them more money than they lose by getting rid of him… then he’s outta here. Simple equation really.

  2. Joe Says:


    Very interesting point. More ticket sales might help make up for Chucky’s salary.

  3. Louie Says:

    When are season ticket renewals due? I imagine the Glazers would need to make a decision on a coach before renewals are due.

  4. james from dunedin Says:

    Funny how the fans left in droves after the 10 year contracts were up. As a former season ticket holder, along with three friends, it became very clear to us that the Glazers had no interest in keeping this team a winner. Less money was spent every year after the Super Bowl while tickets and parking went through the roof. The Glazers brought this on themselves and I’m sarting to enjoy watching this train wreck of a pro football scheme.

  5. Paul Says:

    I think it is far more than just significant decline of fan support that the Bucs have to worry. Other factors you need to consider is the ability to sign free agents and even your first and second rounders. Any first rounder (or 2nd) with any clout would be extremely disincline to sign with the Bucs provided that the current coach and GM remains during the 2010 draft (Bo knows you know).

    This is a mess is so many levels.

  6. Raheem Says:

    they should have dropped their season tickets this past offseason, like this guy.

    renewals are usually due starting in feb, though funny, due to the poor economy and poor prospects for the franchise this year, they were offering to let me renew up to the start of the season, without losing my deposit (which i figured i was losing when i turned the tickets down in February). Unless Bill Cowher or Mike Shannahan walk through the door, they are going to have a really tough time selling tickets next year. They were even offering multi game packages this year, as opposed to season packages (which is great cause you don’t have to purchase the worthless preseason tickets). Ask a fan in a bigger market city, this practice is unheard of in the NFL. Also, the team does not ask for a commitment on the seats anymore, which was previously 10 years, and does not ask for a deposit.

    Though they currently suck and so does the economy, if you are bullish the team going forward and have some extra cash, its a great time to lock in great seats.