Jim Bates Is Unhappy?

November 5th, 2009

Apparently, the Rah, Rah act from the Bucs head coach isn’t getting through to defensive coordinator Jim Bates.

Raheem The Dream himself told the Green Bay media that the veteran Bates needs change in order to relish his new football life in Tampa.

During his Wednesday conference call with the Green Bay MSM, Morris was asked what it’s like to be a young coach (33) working with an elder statesman. Bates is 63.

“… We’re implementing his system,” Raheem The Dream said. “We’re getting the players in place that he needs to be successful. And once we have that opportunity to do that, Jim Bates will be feeling pretty good about being here, loving life. And we’re just glad we can work together.”

This quote is so packed with intrigue Joe doesn’t know where to start.

So does this mean Bates is depressed? Miserable because he’s lacking the horses he needs to run his defense and the savvy and creativity necessary to succeed with what he’s got?

Then there’s Raheem The Dream’s line about getting players for Bates, “once we have the opportunity to do that.”

What a joke. The Bucs are gazillions of dollars under the salary cap. They had the whole offseason to sign some “Jim Bates” players. Bates was all but begging for Jason Taylor to get an offer, but Czar Mark Dominik wasn’t interested.

There’s also no way Bates preferred the failed experiment of Jermaine Phillips at outside linebacker over Derrick Brooks in that role.

Bates better stock up on Alka Seltzer and Valium for next season. If his happiness hinges on the Glazers and Czar Dominik stocking his defense with top talent, the odds are he’s going to need medicinal relief.

2 Responses to “Jim Bates Is Unhappy?”

  1. The_BucRealist Says:

    Jim Bates won’t have to worry about his players this next offseason. He will be the fall guy and fired within the week after the last game. Write it down Joe!

  2. Matthew Says:

    It sounds like Morris is going to keep him after the season! He said “were getting the players in place” that sounds like they’ll draft for his system and let him get his “guys” in here. If he’s not gone at the end of the season I won’t know what to do. I now know what it was like back in 79,80.