The Bucs Are Fun Again

November 15th, 2009

Joe’s just going to take a moment to share some feelings — one Bucs fan to many thousands of others.

Outside of the inevitable optimism that flowed during the 2009 preseason, it’s been agonizing to be a diehard Bucs fan like Joe going back to December of last year.

The losing, the nervousness, the losing, the unknown, the losing, the lack of confidence in ownership, the losing, the various problems with players, the losing, the suspect management decisions, the losing, the embarrassment of having Bucs gear in your closet you don’t want to wear around town, the losing, and the lack of hope on the roster.

Frankly, all those crappy feelings temporarily feel like a distant memory now that Josh Freeman looks like a keeper, a guy who can flat out win the Bucs some games. (No. Joe’s not drunk, just toasting the potential of the big rookie.)

Maybe Freeman will take steps backward and struggle mightily. But for now, the pain of this Dolphins loss isn’t as bad as it should feel.

Why? Because Freeman is here.

And while the Bucs are far from pretty to watch, at least fun as returned to the games and hope is alive and well. 

It feels like there’s some small bit of reality to the fantasy of what the team could be if Freeman progresses and more talent lands on the roster.

Joe’s hoping somehow the Glazers Boys are all sporting boners right now about the potential of their rookie quarterback. Maybe, just maybe, that’ll get them to open their wallets come the start of free agency.

14 Responses to “The Bucs Are Fun Again”

  1. Sensiblefan Says:

    Boners Joe? Really?!? LOL.

  2. Louie Says:

    Fun? Winning is fun. This ain’t fun.

  3. Grundle Says:

    At least your in the bay area Joe, try wearing your Bucs gear around Boston every Sunday. No fun at all. The last two games have been very entertaining but I am still not 100% sold on Freeman. He looked alot like a rookie with alot to learn today. I love the fact he an get out of the pocket and make plays with his feet but if he doesnt protect the ball while he scrambles away then its all for not. I will be down in Tampa for next weeks Saints game, not the best planning on my part to get home for probably the worst beating of the year. But maybe they will keep it “Fun”

  4. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Depressing. They ruined my whole week…yet again..Yeah I know living and dying by the Bucs weekly results is dangerous for one’s health.

    On the plus side.. Freeman continues to surprise me.. I do think he may work out.

  5. Sensiblefan Says:

    Maybe “fun” isnt the best word but our current situation is certainly better than what we were experiencing earlier this year; we have hope for the near future. Our outlook for 2010 is starting to crystalize: Freeman looks better than we all thought he was going to look and those players who arent very good (Sabby, Gaines, etc.) are cut/gone/already gone.

  6. aldo Says:

    well grundle, is obvius to expect that mistakes, its only his second start, but looks preety solid on the field, i like to see his way to play passing and running!! bucs need a great WR to help him, maybe if stoval seems more action on the field (cutting clayton obvious) and with sammie that is showing us the quality of player he is, the Ol would be better after more games, i guaranteed that, we need is to take a better D, ryan sims and chris hovan are bulshit, roy miller is da guy, and sabby really sucks!! please rah, draft eric berry!!! with him and t-jack, aqib and ronde we should be preety solid in secondary, the DT we can draft anyone in the second round, that help us too much for our LB, bucs are growing, and i like it!!

  7. Kazi Says:

    agree Joe. …Fun is all relative. We’ve come from absolute rock bottom in England and all of a sudden there’s a real football team out there, albeit a bad one.

    I can live with that as long as things are improving. For two weeks now it’s better. Freeman just needs a top wideout and some seasoning

  8. jason Says:

    Hey joe now u got love for freeman? What happend to “bust in waiting”? Lol. #5 is the real deal and we are going to be fun to watch and win some games in the next year or so.

  9. JK Says:

    No wonder we are under acheivers. It’s accepted. It’s great!!!! We almost won! Lets celebrate. Maybe we won’t finish at the bottom of our division. The Glazers have to love these fans!! Maybe next game the league will give us the calls. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. All I know for sure is we ALMOST won the game and our owners still are about 40 million under the cap. LET”S CELEBRATE!!!!!

  10. Demetrios Says:

    Amen Jason

    He still has a long way to go, but it is funny how Freeman already has lost his middle name “bust in waiting” after two games.

  11. Justin Says:

    Hey Grundle, I’m in Boston too!

    Just wear the orange stuff–everyone in Boston is ignorant of any team but their own to know what team you’re rooting for, or who bucco bruce is!

  12. Joe Says:


    Do a quick archives search on the last time Joe used that moniker.

  13. big nick Says:

    Freeman seems like a real gamer, and a well rounded player and a smart person, I think he will work out nicely, Sammie too. Also we beat the dolphins today in my eyes and it was fun to watch some young guys make plays, we need Vince Wilfork in FA, to solidify middle of line cause sims and hovan are dogshit, draft berry #1, now with your 2 2nds draft a dlineman and a line backer, keep conner barth, and resign d. penn make A. bryant an offfer similar to claytons and cut clayton, I thin bryant will play well with freeman, why not try out that lynch kid in place of sabby?

  14. Demetrios Says:


    The fact that you used it without giving him a chance is the issue I have. I hated the pick too, but at least he looks like he has potential. No biggie. Nothing but love for your site. How about a new moniker? “Bust/Stud in waiting”?