Did Losing Stylez White Mean That Much?

November 15th, 2009

It's back to the drawing board for Chris Hovan and the D-line

After making strides in the past two games against New England and Green Bay, it was obvious the Bucs defensive line took a big step backwards today.

What did they do well?

Joe’s going to leave that answer to Steve White, the former Bucs defensive end who breaks down the D-line play in full detail every Monday on JoeBucsFan.com.

But Joe walked away from the Dolphins loss completely down on the defensive line. Chad Henne has a clean uniform, and the six sacks in the second half against Green Bay now seems more like a lucky day than the output of a unit on the rise. And, of course, the ball was run down the Bucs’ collective throat yet again.

Perhaps all we learned today from the D-line is that Roy Miller is the new Refrigerator, injured Stylez White was missed dearly, and the Bucs are so, so desperately in need of at least one top tier lineman — end or tackle — to add to this team next year.

Joe believes adding that stud would have a tremendous ripple effect through the defense. Even more of a ripple if Sabby Piscitelli is on the bench.

5 Responses to “Did Losing Stylez White Mean That Much?”

  1. Joe Hoey Says:

    If sappy is on this team next year,were in trouble.This guy is awful

  2. Jackson Says:

    Sabby led this team in tackles and caused a fumble that led to a score. There are many more problems on this defense besides Piscatelli. Yes he’s made some mistakes, but remember this is his first year as a starter. What’t the D-line’s excuse or Ruud’s excuse, no Piscatelli is not playing great, but he’s certaily not the problem on this defense.

  3. Jackson Says:

    BTW, he knocked Ronnie Brown out of the game, something this defense should have capitilized on. Piscatelli is part of the solution not the problem.

  4. Kazi Says:

    He stinks. Mistake after mistake negates a few good plays.

  5. FlBoy84 Says:

    If, after the last 9 games, you’re just learning that “the Bucs are so, so desperately in need of at least one top tier lineman”, you haven’t been watching the games. That fact has been painfully obvious for many weeks now. The fact that everything came together last week against the WORST pass protecting OL in the league wasn’t any reason to think our D-Line had all seen the light when they gave up 234 on the ground in the same game.. Suh or McCoy would be a definite upgrade.