Replacing Michael Clayton?

November 6th, 2009
julie galindo

Joe prefers San Diego Seduction receiver Julie Galindo to Michael Clayton.

Joe is a football fan.

And he’s especially a fan of the gritty old school players who catch the ball and take hits. Not those who drop them and find excuses.

That brings Joe to Julie Galindo, a surehanded receiver who snatches balls consistently, whether she has to go get them on her knees or leap for them.

Galindo also is known for her blocking after just two games for the new San Diego Seduction of the Lingerie Football League.

Yes, Joe is following the league, which desperately needs embed codes for its game highlights. (But you can still see some on the league Web site).

The Tampa Breeze has yet to post its roster; Their inaugural game is in December at the St. Pete Times Forum.

Joe hopes the team is smart enough to advertise here and give Joe full media access.

That would surely boost attendance.

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