Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts

November 29th, 2009

bucs cheerleader 12

* Way to go Quincy Black. Thanks to your ignorance, looks like the Falcons are going to score.

* Third sack of the game. Granted the Bucs were helped that Redman fell down.

* Geez. A scrub from off the streets comes in for an All-Pro and the dude is schooling the Bucs.

* Thankfully, the Bucs got away with an interference call by Geno Hayes since the Dixie Chicks got busted for holding.

* Was that Barrett Rudd with the bulldog stop of Turner?

* Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network just said the defense is tired. Give Joe a friggin’ break Dave, the second quarter just started, geez!

* Fourth sack of the game and it’s early in the second quarter! Against one of the NFL’s best offensive lines no less. Hhhmmm, two-gap front was the only scheme that would work, huh Jim Bates? No wonder you aren’t showing your face in Atlanta today.

* There’s that douchebag “Mike” again! What, you couldn’t even find a cap with a Ford logo? Get off my TV! Who the hell is “Mike” and why the hell would he move Joe to buy a Ford truck? Joe already has a Ford truck. If anything, this clown makes Joe want to trade my truck in for a Nissan.

* Stovall is having a solid game thus far.

* Big third down here, and not for the reasons Dave Moore suggests.

* Damn, Sammie Stroughter was open. Just a bad throw by Tito.

* Pretty awful punt. Too good of field possession by the Falcons.

* Geez, Redman had all sorts of room to run.

* Here we go: Running up the gut for chunks of yardage. Dave Moore is crucifying Sabby Piscitelli because, per Moore, Sabby was supposed to fill a gap that Norwood ran through. Had Sabby done his job, says Moore, that’s not much of a gain. Is there a worse starting safety in the NFL than Sabby?

* Good job of stuffing the run. Can’t blame the Falcons for trying.

* Man, nothing like a scrub quarterback killing you.

* Why are the Bucs defensive backs playing so soft? Force this scrub quarterback to make pinpoint passes.

* Wow. Barrett Ruud cleared out of the middle and Atlanta totally exposed him and the area he exposed. Gotta give the Dixie Chicks credit. That was a beautiful play call.

* Major pass to Antonio Bryant for a huge gain. Damned near a touchdown.

* Touchdown Tampa Bay with a sick catch by Antonio Bryant. Two plays, two bombs to Bryant.

* Joe was listening to some show on WQYK-AM 1010 this morning and some idiot, who Joe has no clue who he was, claimed Bryant was one of the worst receivers in the league and cannot catch. Hey moron, I hope you are watching this game. What a friggin’ DUMBASS!!! Why must local program directors put guys behind a mic who have no clue what they are talking about?

* Come on Bucs defense!

* Holy SHIT! Barrett Ruud with a tackle for a loss.

* Stylez White gets the Bucs fifth sack of the half — the half! Kiss Joe’s ass Jim Bates! Two-gap this…

* Nice pass for a good gain on first down by Freeman to Stovall.

* Good pinpoint pass to Winslow by Freeman but most important, good pass blocking.

* Man, was Greg Olson pissed at Donald Penn for that false start?

* Nice pass to Sammie Stroughter for a good pickup and a late hit helps. First down Bucs.

* Freeman threw a rainbow to Stroughter in the left flat which enabled the Falcons defense to swarm. Freeman needed to drill that ball.

* Damn. Stroughter was open and it appeared there was someone breaking open in the end zone. Dave Moore is saying Freeman has been a bit too inconsistent, especially on third downs.

* Tie ball game.

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