Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts

November 8th, 2009

* Little too much in front to the pass to caddy in the right flat on the first play of the game.

* Nice start by Caddy to the left off tackle for a good chunk.

* Good run when Freeman decided to run. Slid too quick though to avoid getting his head knocked off.

* James Jones just walked past Elbert Mack once Jones caught the ball. If, as Gene Deckerhoff said, Mack has a bad ankle, than what is he doing on the field?

* Bucs are doing a nice job running the ball. They should stay with it.

* Bucs seem to want to run the ball to the left. Keep it up.

* Freeman’s second pass batted down at the line. Strange from such a tall guy. He also telegraphed it.

* Caddy getting stuffed to the right might be why they are running left. Now it’s third-and-long.

* Close to a pic-six by Woodsen.

* Mack makes a nice pick almost for six to make up for his roasting earlier.

* A Derrick Ward sighting!

* Now Ward, wide open in the right flat, accurate pass and Ward dives to the pylon. Freeman races in to embrace Ward.

* That wonderful Bucs rush defense is getting the job done (again).

* Ruud makes a tackle… after a four-yard game.

* After the long gain the Bucs have buckled down on the run.

* Ahmad Green muscles for a first down screen reception.

* Pack looks to be about to score. Nice possession by them, taking wht the Bucs give.

* OMG, Barrett Ruud may have gotten a tackle for a loss!

* On the Pack’s second touchdown, Joe believes he could have run the ball in. Very good push up front by the Pack’s offensive line. Imagine?

* Bucs have no running room to the right.

* Very nice roll out to the left by Freeman with a pass to a wide open Kellen Winslow. With those creamsicles, it looked to Joe just like Doug Williams.

* Pass was on the money to Brian Clark but Tremaine Williams knocked it down. So far, to Joe, the passes seem to be on target but Dave Moore thought the pass was behind Clark.

* Escapability by the rookie and he hits a wide open Derrick Ward as Freeman kept his eyes downfield. Freeman seems to be a cool cucumber so far.

4 Responses to “Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Bucsfan Says:

    Why didn’t Derrick Ward give the touchdown ball to Freeman?

  2. PetetheHat Says:

    Freeman sliding early (maybe not knowing where the first down marker was) can be excused as a rookie mistake. Coming off the field smiling about making such a mistake is not in my definition of a WINNER!!!

  3. J Lynch says Says:

    He is SOFT. Hasn’t learned much , or not paying attention!!! Know where the first down marker is, if you don’t there are 2 guiys with chains num nuts. You can also know what down it is too. Don’t head for the sideline on 3rd down.. Say hi to radio on the unemployment line soon.. new owners in January

  4. PetetheHat Says:

    Agreed Lynch