Jagodzinski Wanted Wildcat; Not Olson

November 13th, 2009

Both JoeBucsFan.com analysts as well as fans have wondered why the Bucs don’t run a wildcat offensive formation from time to time.

Seems as though fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski wanted to use the wildcat offense, but his successor Greg Olson did not. In fact, per eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, the Bucs were running wildcat offenses in practice until Jagodzinski was fired.

Olson promptly trashed the wildcat.

According to Williams, the Bucs experimented with the Wildcat formation, but scrapped the idea because Greg Olson replaced Jeff Jagodzinski as offensive coordinator only 10 days before the season opener.

“Early in the year, we did toy with it here and there,” he said. “They actually had Peanut (Clifton Smith) at the point and me as the guy coming in motion. We definitely have the personnel, but Coach Olson kind of got thrown in the fire and it was hard to try to do something else.”

Joe has nothing against Clifton Smith but Joe has a lot against his nasty habit of fumbling. Maybe the reason Olson scrapped the wildcat was that Smith fumbled too much?

To run that type of offense, ball protection is critical. That’s not Smith’s forte.

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