Chucky’s Future

November 13th, 2009

For intelligent football fans who were watching the NFL Network last night just prior to the Chicago-San Francisco game — and if you don’t have the NFL Network, what’s the matter with you? Be a man! — viewers witnessed a discussion about the future of Chucky.

As Joe has stated time and again for months, the two best prospects for Chucky to land would be Dallass and Washington. Both owners love the splash a high-profile coach would bring and both owners have no problems cutting checks for players, a perfect scenario for Chucky.

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network, a former Redskins beat writer for the Washington Post, reported he hears strong rumblings from his sources on his old beat, and from his sources “inside the Buccaneers organization” that there is strong indication Redskins tyrant/owner Danny Snyder is in discussions to lure both Bruce Almighty and Chucky to Washington as part of a package deal.

It makes too much sense. Dallass, unless the Cowboys totally collapse, likely won’t can Wade Phillips since the Cowboys are playing so well. There is no organization in the NFL that fits better for Chucky than the Redskins.

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