Don’t Look For Graham To Run Much

November 25th, 2009

Sharp, punishing runs against the Saints (three carries for 31 yards) will not catapult Earnest Graham into becoming a primary option in the Bucs running game on Sunday in Atlanta. 

Graham was asked last night in an interview on 1010 AM whether he might log more carries against the Falcons, and Graham quickly dismissed the thought. “I wouldn’t dare say that. no. I don’t know,” he said.

Graham went on to explain that he’s the starting fullback and midseason signee Chris Pressley, an undrafted rookie fullback off the Bengals practice squad, just isn’t ready to fill that role.

There have been a long list of surprises with the Bucs this season. Graham having just 11 carries entering the Bucs 11th game certainly is one of them.

2 Responses to “Don’t Look For Graham To Run Much”

  1. sgw94 Says:

    E Graham should get more carries, there is no question about that. But circumstances are stacked against him. For one he signed a nice deal like just a year ago and I am sure he doesn’t want to talk his way out of making that money. For two he is behind a former first rounder and our only big time free agent pickup. Its in the front office’s best interest to have the other two guys play and perform. For three Graham’s role on special teams is a big one. He might not make all the tackles but he is a leader on that unit. Neither one of the backs in front of him will be running down on kickoff any time soon.

    Its a shame because to me E Graham is the kind of guy we need running the ball. As he showed on Sunday he has the ability to not only break tackles but elude them at times. He is that almost perfect mix of power, quickness with just a little bit of speed. And unfortunately he will never get the opportunity to reach his full potential here again unless somone (or some 2) people get hurt. And its not like he can go on to another team because now that he hasn’t run the ball much this year and also because he isn’t a former first round pick there won’t be this great market for him. It seriously bothers me and has bothered me since they announced he was the 3rd string RB after the preseason. Good on him for keeping his mouth shut and keeping a great attitude but this might have been a time where spouting off would have been to his benefit and maybe even the teams.

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Every week I look for Graham to carry the ball more and every week I am disappointed. Ward has shown me nothing this year. And this is an unpopular statement but I will make it anyway, Caddy is overrated.