Bill Cowher Not Calling Raheem The Dream

November 9th, 2009

It was the wiseass moment of Raheem The Dream’s news conference today at One Buc Palace. Joe would wager 10 bucks that it doesn’t find its way to the official quotes released by the team.

Reporters wanted to know how Raheem The Dream celebrated his first win as a head coach and who called to congratulate him.

The head coach said he didn’t throw any parties but did enjoy time with family take in lots of congratulatory text messages and phone calls.

“Derrick Brooks, Some of the guys you know. Warren Sapp. I took Sapp’s phone call. Because if I didn’t take his phone call, he’d yell at me,” Raheem The Dream said. “Got all the texts, responded to them about 4 o’clock this morning.”

Then someone in the throng of scribes and talking heads apparently asked Raheem The Dream if one Bill Cowher, the guy many Bucs fans fantasize will be the next Tampa Bay head coach, contacted him to send his good wishes.

Raheem The Dream replied quickly, “I didn’t get a text from Bill Cowher. No.”

Joe was really most wondering if Chucky called. After all, Raheem The Dream is the fruit ripening on Chucky’s coaching tree.

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