Who Chewed Out Raheem At One Buc Place?

October 12th, 2009
So whos going to tell Raheem that if we end up with a top-3 pick, were going to pack up his stuff in a U-haul.

"The coaches meeting starts in 10 minutes. So who wants to tell Raheem that if we end up with a top-3 pick, his stuff is getting packed up in a U-haul?"

Hmmm. A very interesting quote emerged from Raheem The Dream’s Monday news conference.

Did Mark Dominik address the coaching staff and tell Raheem The Dream he’s stinking up the joint? Did a Glazer walk down the hallowed halls of One Buc Place?

“We had our coaches meeting this morning. We got our faces ripped off as a coaching staff, me included,” Raheem The Dream said.

Maybe Raheem The Dream was referring to himself blasting his own results. But it sure seemed like he was referring to a mysterious third party entering the coaches meeting to drop a few F-bombs.

7 Responses to “Who Chewed Out Raheem At One Buc Place?”

  1. james from dunedin Says:

    “We got our faces ripped off as a coaching staff, me included”

    Well at least the coach meetings are violent…

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    Joe: It sounded like Raheem used that in reference when he admitted that they were “outcoached” by Philly….as in the Philly coaches ripped the faces of the Buccaneer coaches, which looks to be happening every week.

  3. Adam in Brandon Says:

    James is right. What happened to all the Violence Rah preached? They must keep in the the locker room. It for damn sure never makes it to the field.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Tom – Have to disagree. Watch it again. Raheem wasn’t asked about coaching or being outcoached for this question near the end of the news conference. …Can’t say 100 percent. Hence the questions marks in the headline and in the story.

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    I see, yes, perhaps, another really UNUSUAL Raheem comment….how long before this guy loses the team’s confidence?

  6. Gnorb Says:

    I’d guess it was one of the Glazers, but in order to rip their faces the Glazers would have to, you know, actually care about the team. There seems to be scant evidence of that, unless they’re trying to drive up the value for a sale.

    But yeah, the faults that I see, the sloppy play, point mostly (if not entirely) back to coaching. They deserved to get ripped. The Dream needs to go study for a while under someone with experience.

  7. leningan Says:

    and then philly ran the same play later… maybe they thought we wouldn’t run it unless it had worked in practice. i too was dumbfounded thta we ran the option (twice!) what happened to a simple waggle or rollout? surely that would have resulted in a little bit more time for JJ and, at the very least, less batted balls…