Looking Back At (Few) Bucs Highlights

October 12th, 2009

Joe thought he’d offer the few highlights from the Bucs loss to help ease your otherwise slow Tuesday afternoon.

4 Responses to “Looking Back At (Few) Bucs Highlights”

  1. ChuckInJax Says:

    Any way to keep this link from auto-playing, Joe? I’m going to have to stop looking at it during work, and I really don’t want to miss anything!!! Thanks!

  2. Joe Says:


    Sadly, no but this will only be a once a week occurance.

  3. KennyL Says:

    Way too annoying because it resets at every refresh of the page which happens after you look at comments. It can’t be shut off just once.

    Major downer jo

  4. Joe Says:


    If I could I shut it off without deleting it, I would.

    I’ll push it back a day so it’s not on the front page after 10 a.m.