Was Nobody Open?

October 4th, 2009

The ugly side of watching a football game on television is not seeing what’s happening downfield away from the ball.

So Joe is absolutely dying to know whether Jeff Garcia Josh Johnson wasn’t seeing open receivers and pulling the ball down needlessly, or was he just scrambling for his life because there was nothing happening downfield.

Those answers will come in a matter of hours, whether it be from Raheem The Dream in a news conference today or tomorrow, or perhaps from one of the Bucs’ receiver, if their frustration is overboiling.

Regardless, Joe’s just not seeing how Greg Olson made enought adjustments to get the Bucs offense back on track. Are we allergic to a quick slant route?

Olson gave up on the running game far to quickly before going back to it behind Cadillac Williams late in the game.

5 Responses to “Was Nobody Open?”

  1. Fredrick Says:

    I think he was just bailing early and not even looking down field. He looked lost the entire second half. No surprise. But make two kicks and that would not even have even mattered. Any of the Gramatica boys still in town?

  2. PetetheHat Says:

    Yeah I mentioned earlier, he’s very mobile and agile but releases to soon out of the pocket. He has to learn to look and wait a bit more then use his speed and alusiveness.

  3. polkcountydude Says:

    The Redskins rushed four and ran cover 2 the entire game with very little man coverage mixed in – they may have thrown in some cover 3/4 because I did see the corners roll a couple times. They were forcing the JJ to make plays with his arm while limiting his ability to make plays with his legs. When they did run man, JJ made some plays with his legs, particularly on the last drive of the 1st half. It was a good defensive gameplan by the Redskins, hence the difficulty on 3rd downs.

  4. polkcountydude Says:

    While I’m thinking about it, I want to commend Joe on a great job so far this season. Unfortunately our Bucs haven’t done as well.

  5. Ted Toleson Says:

    Joe made the big point here, and that is the Chucky-like abandonment of the running game for huge stretches. Josh Johnson handled himself well for his first game, but looked far too much like Brad Johnson with the constant checkdowns. And kudos to Acab for his three interceptions, but when is he going to learn to anticipate for the double move?