Vacation Man Believes Rah May Be On Hot Seat

October 26th, 2009

Vacation Man, of BSPN, and Joe don’t always see eye-to-eye. This is another example.

Right now, not even the most ardent Bucs fan can say with a straight face this team has a shot to win, say, three games.

If Josh Freeman is the starter against Green Bay — Joe wants that delayed while Vacation Man has been pining for Freeman — does anyone really believe the Bucs will win that game against one of the NFL’s best defensive coordinators, Dom Capers?

And Green Bay isn’t that great of a team. Good, not great, certainly beatable (without Freeman as the starter).

Vacation Man sort of sees the handwriting on the wall, that the Bucs very realistically will toy with a winless season. Right now Carolina appears vulnerable, but not unless the Bucs beef up the run defense.

Vacation Man goes so far as to suggest Raheem the Dream may be out of a job if the Bucs don’t win two or more games.

Gerald in Bradenton writes: Do you think coach Morris will be there next year, or is his job in jeopardy?….(the play calling has been horrible)

Pat Yasinskas:The Bucs didn’t hire Raheem Morris just to fire him after one season. They’re hoping he’s there for a long time and things turn around. That said, Morris needs to win a few games and the Bucs need to show progress. If they go 0-16 or 1-15 and don’t show much hope for the future, it would be tough to keep Morris.

Joe doesn’t believe this will happen, once again, until Chucky’s salary is off the books (just how much will Chucky slurp Danny Snyder and the Redskins tonight?). The Glazers are not going to pay for three coaches (Chucky, Raheem the Dream and the potential next head coach).

What Joe will say is the Bucs, whether it’s Mark Dominik or Raheem the Dream or as high up as Bryan and Joel seriously need to take a long look at both coordinators. Joe will have something later today where a couple of fellows with significantly more NFL street cred than Joe are questioning the coaching of the Bucs.

Going back to the Chucky playbook is borderline crazy. On defense, this team from game-to-game either gets roasted by the pass or has the ball jammed up its rear end.  Joe thought the Bucs did a fine job yesterday of defending the run, which shocked the hell out of him.

Pass defense was a different story.

13 Responses to “Vacation Man Believes Rah May Be On Hot Seat”

  1. Jolly Rodger Says:

    I agree that Morris is the coach at least until Gruden gets a job. It is my feeling he will get the 2010 season regardless of 09 outcome.

    I think it would be a good move to put Freeman in after the bye. Why would you wait? Let him take his lumps now instead of the beginning of next season. He can’t possibly do any worse than his predecessors.

  2. thedeej3000 Says:

    Raheem must go… no matter the cost. If you bought a years worth of vitamins and every day you took them it gave you a stomach ache… would you continue to take the vitamins? Of course not… you cut your losses.

  3. justin Says:

    I say he is around one year after this which is fair it gives you 2 off seasons 2 drafts and the chance to build your vision no youth movement team is great there first year but if the team strugles next year you will see a new coach also why would chucky want to coach now he is being paid by tampa and for being on mnf he should enjoy the vacation

  4. Jeff Says:

    Joe, is it possible Morris only has a 1 year deal? Or a buyer’s remorse clause that let’s the Glazers off the hook?

  5. thedeej3000 Says:

    The problem with not firing him after this season is the amount of high quality coaches currently in the job market… Most of them will have jobs in 2011. Now, is the best time to get a quality coach. Morris’s salary can’t be a big deal… he’s most likely the lowest paid coach in the league… We are eating more than that on Mike Nugent’s salary this year. The Glazers paid 2.5 million for 3 field goals, but they can’t move on from Raheem… come on.

  6. Joe Says:


    You think the Glazers really want to eat more millions? Getting Bill Cowher for example will cost as much as Chucky’s salary.

    One of the reasons the Bucs suck is that the Glazers have turned off the faucet on the finances, i.e. they don’t have the cash. They don’t have that kind of Monopoly money to toss around.

    Joe is sure Bryan and Joel are having acid reflux thanks to McCown/Nugent/Winslow/Bryant/Clayton cash. Adding Raheem the Dream’s salary and another coach’s salary on top of that pile would like doing shots of Tabasco.

    The Glazers painted themselves in a corner when they waited so long to pull the trigger on Chucky. The best candidates, outside of the ones they can’t afford, were gone.

    If the Glazers were not paying so much for wasted moves, Joe could see Raheem the Dream getting the pink slip. If anything, Mark Dominik being foolish with the Glazers’ cash has solidified Raheem the Dream’s job security.

  7. thedeej3000 Says:

    I really think, if the dream is the coach next year… our average attendance will be around 30,000 a game.

    This organization needs some legitimacy with the fans. The question is how much do they lose in slumping fan support vs. getting some one that might fill some seats. Who really wants to go see Raheem and his Bad News Bucs? At some point his incompetency has to start hitting The Glazers in the wallet.

    I would hate to think that these two pulled off a “Producers” type collapse to insure their job security.

  8. Louie Says:

    If Morris doesn’t at least get a win (or two), the Glazers won’t be able to afford him. He MUST be fired for someone who will stimulate ticket sales. The $$$ difference between an empty stadium and a full stadium is huge.

  9. PetetheHat Says:

    A new coach only sells HOPE, nothing else. If the Glazer’s don’t loosen the purse strings no good coach is going to come here (it’s a blueprint for failure). And you can forget about Cowher, after the Panther’s lose to a pathetic Bill’s team, Cowher is all but in Carolina already (his home btw).

    I’ve said it before, Rah and Dom were thrown to the wolves at a low cost, the Glazer’s knowing there’d be failure and they’ll be here until the economy picks up and the Glazer’s can either sell the Bucs (for what they’re worth) or Man U. When in doubt Buc’s fans “folloow the money”.

  10. Tye Says:

    So The Glazers would rather be LOSERS and continue to have empty seats EVERY home game than to get a REAL HC to produce a quality winning team and boost the fan base! With that mind set, Now wonder why they have NEVER had a dominate team from 1 year to the next and likely never will until they wise up!

  11. Jamie Says:

    I don’t know, Joe, I really think you’re being nit-picky about that quote from Pat Yasinskas. First of all, he prefaced it with the statement that the Glazer’s really don’t intend to fire Raheem after only one season. PY says that it would be hard to keep Raheem if he goes winless, and I think anyone has to agree that when a coach goes winless, a change has to AT LEAST be considered. The guy is just hedging a little, and I think his opinion represents the more reasonable point of view.

    Try not to make a story out of hating on other columnists for no good reason. It’s just petty, and moreover, boring to read.

  12. Joe Says:

    Try not to make a story out of hating on other columnists for no good reason.


    If Joe hated Vacation Man you’d never see a link to one of his stories on this blog.

    Disagreement does not equal hatred.

  13. JoelGlazerLovesMikeBrown Says:

    thedeej3000 wrote:


    Great points, both. The first quote above points to the concept called Sunk Costs. No matter what the Glazers are paying Gruden and Jags and maybe an unemployed Rah next year – all that doesn’t matter going forward. Going forward, what can Ding and Dong (Glazers) do to put more asses in the seats? That’s all that matters.

    Which leads to DeeJ’s second point: if Rah goes 0-16 or even 1-15 this season, you haven’t even BEGUN to see the carnage that will ensue in the stands at the CITS next year. The Carolina game will look like a U2 concert in comparison. Bucs fans know the fix is in after the WSJ report last week. Joel and Bryan are the new Mike Brown’s of the NFL.

    They went ultra-cheap with Rah, the boy wonder, and Dominik, their new Yes-man. Bucs fans, it will take YEARS for this to get corrected. And… given the fact that Ding and Dong are bleeding cash to ManU (see Joe’s post regarding red ink there: $1.141B and growing – exponentially), we’re in some SERIOUSLY deep shit.