Johnson Good With Freeman Playing

October 26th, 2009

Despite a few spurts, Josh Johnson seems to be regressing rather than progressing. That is unless defenses have already figured him out. 

In the first half, Johnson was horrid, looked lost and out of it. Not long thereafter, he was removed when Josh Freeman made his NFL debut.

In some cases, quarterbacks will begin bickering when that happens. Jealousy sets it which Joe can understand.

But when pressed by Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times, Johnson said he understood the move.

“I told him, ‘You don’t have to say anything. I understand,’ ” Johnson recounted later. “(It was) the same situation as Byron (Leftwich). If we don’t win games, maybe Josh (Freeman) is going to play. I understood what was going on when I first was (named) the starting quarterback.”

Joe has written this before and will write it again: Josh Freeman at this point is not an upgrade so there’s no reason to rush him. None. Zero. So what’s the point?

If Freeman’s not ready, he’s not ready, unless fans are in a sinister mood and really want to hasten ruining the kid’s career and pissing away millions of the Glazer’s money.

5 Responses to “Johnson Good With Freeman Playing”

  1. Pete Says:

    “Joe has written this before and will write it again”

    And again and again and again and again…yeah we get it, but apparently the Bucs {cough cough} leadership and braintrust are not concerned with Joe’s view of Freeman.

    Here comes the Freeman express Joe and as far as how he will do, that remains to be written. At least you’ll have plenty to write about.

  2. Louie Says:

    I agree with Joe. I think Morris has to get a win (proabably a couple) to keep his job. Playing Freeman now will pretty much guarantee a winless season. Freeman is still not ready, which is sad considering the Bucs are getting no value out of a 1st round pick that could have been used on an impact player that would have helped the team THIS year. They could have drafted a QB in 2010 that is better prepared to help the club.

  3. Joe Says:

    They could have drafted a QB in 2010 that is better prepared to help the club.


    That was one of the many reasons Joe did not want the Bucs to draft Freeman. Next spring’s draft will be loaded with quarterbacks as talented if not more so than Freeman.

    Quarterbacks, no matter who they are, should never be expected to start right away, never be expected to contribute the first year. In Joe’s eyes, realistically, a quarterback drafted should not be expected to be productive for three years.

    Just because a quarterback is drafted in the first round should not mean said quarterback should be thrown into the fire right away. For every Matt Ryan there are dozens of quarterbacks drafted in the first round who were rushed too soon and never recovered.

    Quarterbacks drafted in the first round, and their pricey salaries, are too precious to be rushed. Patience, with quarterbacks, is a virtue.

    Notice most quarterbacks who succeed as rookies are generally surrounded by a good team and good players? No one can say that about the Bucs.

  4. PetetheHat Says:

    Josh Johnson is only going to be as good as his athletic ability allows him to be (not a revelation).Having said that, the last two weeks he’s obviously been told to NOT scramble as much and look for receiver’s. He’s so tentative now he’s overthinking, not allowing even his athletic ability to help him out (29.2 quarterback rating, yesterday) Freeman’s the only hope, good, bad or indifferent he must step up and prove his worth as a #19 pick first round and Rah’s belief in him. By the way, anyone notice Brad Gradkowski replaced #1 pick Jamarcus Russel for Oakland yesterday?

  5. Marlow Says:

    “They could have drafted a QB in 2010 that is better prepared to help the club.”

    I so agree with Joe on this! However, I wasn’t upset when we drafted him. I thought, then, at draft time, we had a better plan for our future.

    Well, if the inevitable is to happen, we better be able to run the ball as to protect Freeman. As we fall behind teams will tee off on the rookie!