The Race For The Top Pick

October 19th, 2009

The Bucs are miserable. No denying that.

So putrid are the Bucs that Joe can’t think about watching them without a few Caybrews, it’s that frightening.

So now the Bucs are in a race for the top overall draft pick in next spring’s draft with St. Louis and Tennessee. At worst, St. Louis and Tennessee will cancel each other out because they play against each other.

Look at the remaining schedules below and see if you can guess who will be the first team walking to the podium next spring when NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell opens the draft.


Green Bay
at Miami
New Orleans
at Atlanta
at Carolina
New York Jets
at Seattle
at New Orleans


at Detroit
New Orleans
at Chicago
at Tennessee
at Arizona
San Francisco


at San Francisco
at Houston
at Indianapolis
St. Louis
San Diego
at Seattle


15 Responses to “The Race For The Top Pick”

  1. Pete Says:

    The Titans definately have a win or two on that schedule. St.Louis and Buffalo and maybe at Houston.

    The Rams have the Lions and Houston (sorry just not sold on Houston)

    The Rams are definately the bigger threat.

    Does Joe know?

    If both teams are 0-16 how would the NFL choose? Coin flip? Just don’t let our coaching staff make the call.

    How much epic fail would it be to go 0-16 and NOT get the first pick in the draft.

  2. Jeff Says:

    At this point, the Bucs could beat Miami, Carolina or Seattle….gulp.

  3. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    rams 2-14 titans 1-16 bucs 0-16

  4. nick Says:

    I’m loving my Fantasy lineup against the Bucs. “Downtown” Ronnie Brown, Lance Moore, Thomas Jones, Matt Ryan, Deangelo Williams. Lots of points. Thank God for fantasy. The only way I’m even interested in this football season.

  5. Pete Says:

    Well I know they usually flip a coin to decide between similar record teams. But that is usually for areas like spots 3-5 ish, not the #1 pick.

    WOW bucsfanlostiniowa Titans 1-16! You really hate them. Does a loss to say St.Louis count twice?

  6. Phil a '76 Buc Says:

    Joe – Titans at 1- 16 equals 17 games. Do you have a scoop?

  7. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    ha ha 1- 15 sorry

  8. David Says:

    Two words for this draft. YES SUH!

  9. David Says:

    I’m going to enjoy yelling YES SUH everytime he stops a tackle or gets a sack. Oh, and I’m talking about Ndamukong Suh.

  10. Pete Says:

    Oh don’t get your hopes up for that, the Glaziers would likely try like the dickins to trade down from that pick. Pay first pick money…um NO! Better to gather more draft pics as we need lots of things. The Bucs currently have 10 pics in 2007. 4 or 5 more would be nice.

    I’m still not sure it goes off strength of schedule it doesn’t for other spots in the draft.

  11. David Says:

    Well, if it’s strength of schedule, the NFC South has the toughest combined schedule in the NFL. Only team with a tougher schedule is the Dolphins.

  12. Tye Says:

    This is about the only thing I have confidence in the Bucs being able to win.

    At least the bye week is coming soon. They can’t lose that week………Can they?

  13. David Says:

    Actually Tye, Josh Freeman getting ready for his first start of the season during the Bye counts as an L to me.

  14. Eric S Says:

    It is strength of schedule that would decide the first pick in case of a tie. Whoever has the easier schedule would get the pick.

    I love how people always throw out the old let’s trade the #1 overall pick for more draft picks. In the old days, that was more possible. But with the money involved with the top pick, it is getting more and more difficult to do it. We can not count on that happening. So it could be a blessing if we get the #2 or #3 pick.

    I am not sure what the Bucs will target in next year’s draft. It seems right now they need help at DL, DB, WR. It would be great if we got a stud DE who can rush the passer consistently. That was the problem with picking Gaines Adams. The guy was known to be very inconsistent and taking plays off. So it wasn’t that surprising he was inconsistent in the NFL. The tapes in college don’t lie. It would be awesome if they got a game breaking WR. The offense could be pretty good if we got another playmaker in there.

  15. Pete Says:

    Somebody will be willing to trade for that pick, despite the economy. Someone will want one of the QB’s coming out. The question will they be willing to pony up enough for it.
    The glaziers if they stick to recent behavior will not be interested in paying first pick money.