“Malicious” Hit On Clifton Smith

October 19th, 2009

Cheap shot artist Dante Wesley nearly incited a riot yesterday when he clobbered defenseless Clifton Smith on a kick return, knocking him out cold and out of the game.

Naturally, the dirtbag was thrown out of the game. He should be thrown out the NFL for a few weeks as a result.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports crucifies the dirtbag Wesley.

At best, it was reckless judgment. At worst, it was malicious. And predictably, the hit sparked a clearing of parts from both sidelines as players mixed it up. Meanwhile, Smith laid on the field for several minutes before being helped up and wobbling his way to the locker room. Wesley was ultimately ejected, and now he’ll face what should be a significant fine and suspension from the NFL.

Joe suspects Wesley is going to receive a nasty FedEx letter this week from Roger Goodell.

One Response to ““Malicious” Hit On Clifton Smith”

  1. PetetheHat Says:

    I think Tory Cox was a pussy for not retaliating on Dante right there when he had a chance. I’m not a proponent of violence in sports or bad sportsmanship but THAT hit deserved a response from team members and he was the only one with a shot.