The MSM And Hype

October 7th, 2009
This pathetic excuse for a quarterback has as many rings as the almighty fraud Brett Favre, a true creation of MSM hype.

This pathetic excuse for a quarterback has as many rings as the almighty fraud Brett Favre, a true creation of MSM hype.

If anything, Joe is anti-hype. Joe’s always been a team-kinda guy, a coaches-kinda guy.

Only rarely does an individual player merit the hype that the majority of the MSM manufactures.

Joe can name a handful of players worthy of hype. Ray Lewis and Tom Brady spring to mind. So too does Derrick Brooks. In other sports, Albert Pujols and Alex Ovechkin warrant every ounce of hype they get, as does Rachel Watson.

Joe has made no secret of the fact that he loathes BSPN. Rarely if ever does Joe watch it unless it’s college football or college basketball.

The self-glossing and hype that BSPN is known for gives Joe acid reflux worse than a warm, stale beer.

Joe walked to his local watering hole Monday night, replete with a nine-foot HDTV (not a typo). Joe knew the place would be so packed he wouldn’t be able to hear the audio of the Green Bay-Minnesota game and therefore (thankfully) miss all the verbal masturbation over Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

(Joe is told that Chucky received a very ugly cleaning bill from the Minnesota Vikings over the drool [?] stains he left on the carpet of the BSPN broadcast booth).

So at lunch today, Joe was reading TBT (hey, it’s free) and read an otherwise outrageous, lengthy, rambling letter-to-the-edtior about the Bucs where the author made a salient point about MSM hype of athletes.

In short, the author asks, if Favre were this otherworldly superstar of which reams of copy and countless hours of broadcast content has been spent upon in recent months, why then does Farve have the exact same number of rings as the truly heinous Trent Dilfer: one?

It made Joe think what a horrible waste of manpower all this hero worship over Favre is. If Joe didn’t know better, he’d think many in the MSM are walking billboards for erectile dysfunction products the way they genuflect over Favre when in fact, he has just as many rings as the worst starting quarterback in Bucs history.

Which leads Joe to a kind request to the sports MSM: stick to X’s and O’s and hard news please and let the oh-so whacky, talentless, Howard Stern-wannabe FM morning disc jockeys handle the “personalities.”

17 Responses to “The MSM And Hype”

  1. UfoJoe Says:

    Marino has zero rings so I guess he’s not a special player either.

  2. mr. Lucky Says:

    Farve gets the attention because…well because…I knew this answer once…

    Let’s face it at 40-years old Brett’s performance on MNF was VERY REMARKABLE.

    This string of starts in the NFL is beyond belief. He was addicted to Vicodin and yet he played his azz off.

    There’s a story there and especially in this day and age when middle-aged, overweight, football fanatical, balding men need a “hero” Brett fits the bill.

    Having a SuperBowl ring is a big accomplishment but it takes 53 players to make it happen – not just one.

    Brett plays with passion. Even when he throws 3 INT’s in a game in Tampa the Packers were still close. What’s wrong with creating some hype? There are certain players who actually are bigger than the game!

    Brett is a Hall of Famer. There is a great story in him being “retired before his time” and now getting “revenge” on his old team. Even if it WAS Brett’s fault for the early retirement.

  3. UfoJoe Says:

    Right on the money, Lucky.

    Let them over-hype Favre. Who cares? I don’t watch the msm anyway.

    Plain and simple, I love watching him play.

  4. Justin Says:

    Joe, let’s face it: the MSM manufactures news frequently.

    Take our new president. He had about as much experience and accomplishments under his belt as your average bag boy at Publix. He hadn’t authored a single bill in the senate.

    Or to use a sports analogy, this is like calling up to the majors a player who was a bench warmer in the minors.

  5. oar Says:

    Thier first mistake is comparing Brett Farve to Trent Dilfer. Really? That’s like comparing a Yugo to Cadaillac.
    And have to agree with Lucky, who would you rather watch(if they both played still) Farve or Dilfer.

  6. bucsfanforlife Says:

    HAHA!! nice article. Damn you drool over Rachel Watson a lot, i actually went to high school with her cool chick.

  7. Joe Says:


    Do NOT tease Joe! He needs details.

    Rachel has to be the hottest chick to come out of Sarasota.

  8. Chris Says:

    Hey Justin, save your partisan, misleading, political comments for Fox News. You’re showing your ignorance. I didn’t know bag boys at Publix give 10 years of public service to the state/federal governments. If you don’t like the president that’s OK, but save your rants for Sarah Palin’s facebook page.

  9. mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Chris I gotta call you on that post. Why is it not ok for Justin to make his comment but it’s ok for you to slide the Palin reference in there?

    Justin’s 1-liner wasn’t a rant just his opinion

    Your comment, implying that Obama “game 10 years of public service to the state/federal government” is just plain wrong. You write it like it’s a fact while Justin was writing his “opinion”

    I mean reading your comment is like the pot calling the kettle black and it had nothing to do with the subject at hand.

    But wait I believe that what you posted only re-inforces Joe’s position that the MSM (main stream medium) makes up stuff about people and posts “pseudo-facts” just like you did. All the time trying to ridicule someone while doing exactly what they were complaining about in the first place.

    BTW Joe I don’t like the term MSM rather I prefer the LLLFM instead (Left-leaning lunatic fringe media)

  10. Chris Says:

    Mr. Lucky, answer me this: how many years did Obama serve as state senator in Illinois? And this: how many years did he serve as US senator? To me, that simple math equals 10 years. How is that a “psuedo-fact”? Google it, dude! Maybe you also feel his birth certificate is not valid. I don’t subscribe to any propoganda, be it left or right leaning so don’t lump me in with the rest because I sit firmly in the middle as a moderate Republican. And remember the MSM can either be liberal slanting (i.e. MSNBC) or uber conservative (i.e. Fox News and whatever else Rupert Murdoch owns). All this liberal media manipulation is overblown because the conservative media is just as powerful & manipulative, if not louder. So check yourself, dude. Just because you don’t like someone or agree with their politics doesn’t mean you can marginalize truth as opinion. Oh, and why did I call him out? Because he injected misleading information into a sports forum. Keep it where it belongs! Now, maybe we can continue posting about Bucs football!

  11. Joe Says:


    For a guy who claims to be a moderate Republican, you sure come across as one of those “I believe in the First Amendment so long as those speaking agree with me” leftists.

  12. Chris Says:

    Joe, why is that? Because I don’t believe everything that Rush, Hannity, & Glenn tell me? Give me a break. I can think on my own; I don’t need others doing it for me. For the record, the extremes scare the sh#t out of me. I’d rather live in the fat part of the bell curve, you can keep the outer edges. I identify with the Republican party and all that the history of the party represents. I don’t identify with the modern-day uber conservative movement. Sorry. Just because I don’t it doesn’t make me a scum bag liberal. But go ahead and lump everbody into neat little categories if it helps you mind work better.

  13. Joe Says:


    For the record, Joe is not a fan of the three people you mentioned; specifically the latter two.

    Someone had an opinion and you basically told him to shut up for the sole reason you didn’t agree with him, as if he the man had no right to express an opinion only because you didn’t agree with him.

    That’s a glaring trait of a limousine liberal.

  14. mr. Lucky Says:

    Chris, Joe summed up my point very well – thank you Joe.

    As for your written statement of Obama, “I didn’t know bag boys at Publix give 10 years of public service to the state/federal governments”

    The fact is Obama worked for the Illinois state government and Federal government. He didn’t GIVE 10 years – he was paid for every minute and then some.

    When someone gives of themselves it usually implies without reperations. I will say that his Executive experience was lacking.

    As for me and the implication that I’m a “birther” talk about slinging mud! That’s a personal attack and so very far from the truth. I know about that whole issue and could care less – it is such a red herring that even penguines wouldn’t touch it.

    However your personal attack’s follow very closely to Saul Alinsky’s formula outlined in his book, Rules for Engagement – very un-Republican-like.

    As for MY political leanings – Libertarian; the less government the better; except for national security.

  15. Chris Says:

    We obviously do not agree 100% on political ideology. So we’ll just part by agreeing to disagree. Although, I will hold firm in stating that the original comment that I posted on was absurd and over the top. Comparing to President of United States to a bag boy at Publix…please! For the record Mr. Lucky, I agree with you on a hands-off approach to government.

  16. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Chris I’m all for agreeing to disagree – as long as we do it in an educated and civil manner.

    One thing I bet we CAN agree on – the Bucs are really in over their head this season!

  17. Chris Says:

    Upon further review, Mr. Lucky, you have your opinion and I’m fine with that, although I don’t agree with some things you posted in response to me. I don’t feel anything you wrote in your response succeeded in debunking my views. But I have no problem with that. Hell, I love to talk politics with friends and family. The problem I have is with Joe. It’s one thing for Mr. Lucky to chime in on this post/blog; it’s another matter entirely when the editor, main writer, or whatever you are, jumps into the fray slinging slurs and disparaging remarks. I was responding to someone comparing the president to a bag boy at Publix, a bag boy. Sure, I questioned someone’s intelligence. But that comment, to me, is ignorant. You, my friend, stepped over the line insulting me by calling me a leftist and limousine liberal. Yes, I find those monikers insulting. I never told anyone to shut up. I just stated my opinion. I will no longer contribute to your web site. Good luck! Oh, and by the way, LeRoy Selmon is Tampa’s most recognized sports figure (with D. Brooks a close second).