Read Lou’s Bolts Barks On Twitter

October 15th, 2009

Hi, my name’s Lewis, but you can call me “Lou” so long as you are a Bolts fan (Panthers fans just don’t call me). I read where Joe exposed me with my Bolts jersey the other day. Just for that I might have to have an accident in his bedroom. I’ll just have to beg for more Beggin’ Strips tonight.

Ever feel bored? You know, when the Bolts aren’t playing and there’s no cats to fight with and you’re too tired to dig up the backyard?

Well, if I’m not watching the Bolts or chasing squirrels or scratching myself or rolling over and whimpering for table scraps, you can read my barks about the Bolts on my Twitter account, ThunderPuppyLou.

Maybe if I lap up enough water now I can wet Joe’s rug before he gets home? See ya!

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