Raheem The Dream Speaks

October 25th, 2009

Raheem the Dream spoke on the Buccaneers Radio Network after yet another loss and spoke on many things including his groom finally getting some playing time.

“We almost played the Patriots to an even keel in the first half. Their quarterback absolutely stepped up in the second half. That was the difference in the game.

“We got to give [Freeman] a chance go get in there and get some experience against a very good defense and a well-coached defense. He got a chance to hear the calls. We felt good about getting him in there.

“We will evaluate over the next week. The evaluation of our team continues. You go back and look at yourself first. We will have the ability to look at everything. We will look at the decisions, the decisions, the coaching staff, the talent. We have nine games to see what our franchise is to become.”

Maybe fearing what could come, Raheem the Dream then went out of his way to thank Bryan and Joel.

“The advice [on the trip to England] by ownership was great,” Raheem the Dream said. “The advice on where we went, when we traveled over here, where we slept, it was great advice.”

6 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Speaks”

  1. Mike Says:

    The more Raheem opens his mouth, the more I think he doesn’t know jack schitt about football.

  2. Renee Says:

    I’m tired…

  3. justin Says:

    I sometimes wonder if they would give me a head coaching job or at least a coordinator I think I would do well

  4. Justin Says:

    Hey Mike… if you are smart enough to see that, why didn’t the Glazers.

    And to think, I was originally excited when they fired Chucky…

  5. Mike Says:

    Chucky is laughing all the way to the bank every time the Glazers deposit another one in his bank account. I’m sure he is enjoying this whole season immensely.

  6. Trox Says:


    The only chance you have to survive is to fire Bates over the bye. I don’t believe the players have quit playing, but the coordinators are not putting the players in a position to succeed especially on defense. If we could ever getting a passing threat to keep defenses honest, than we would be respectable.