Raheem The Dream Set Up Bucs To Fail

October 13th, 2009
Is the Bucs offense really better off with Greg Olson as offensive coordinator as opposed to Jeff Jagodzinki?

Is the Bucs offense really better off with Greg Olson as offensive coordinator as opposed to Jeff Jagodzinki?

The Bucs offense is sad. Oh, sure, once in a while the offense shows a glimpse of being average. But the numbers don’t lie. The Bucs offense is mostly miserable.

Raheem the Dream can thank himself for that. That’s the premise that Pat Kirwan of NFL.com floats.

Three teams, including the Bucs, fired their offensive coordinators just before the season began. All three teams, Kirwan points out, are sucking wind terrible on offense. Kirwan notes this is not a coincidence.

Three teams — Bills, Bucs and Chiefs — fired their offensive coordinators days before the start of the season. One team said it needed more in the offense, another said it needed less in the offense and the third just thought it was time for a change.

Sunday was another brutal reminder that the terminations did not do one thing to solve their offensive woes. The Bills, Bucs and Chiefs all lost this week and scored a combined 37 points! Four teams scored more than 37 by themselves. The three teams that made coordinator changes are now 1-14 combined. After Sunday, Buffalo ranks 25th in total offense, Tampa Bay 26th and Kansas City 30th.

It wasn’t the coaches’ fault and it’s a shame they were released before the real games started. Could these three offenses be any worse with the men who installed the schemes?

Not only did the Bucs change offensive coordinators, they are changing their offense in midstream. Even with Jeff Faine returning, Joe believes Raheem the Dream painted his offense in a corner by firing Jeff Jagodzinski.

8 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Set Up Bucs To Fail”

  1. nick Says:

    I see the Dolphins beat the Jets blitz last night with a few screen passes. When was the last time, this regime or previous, the Bucs ran a screen pass. I thought that was supposed to be Clifton Smith’s role.

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    Joe: I nearly fell over when I saw the Bucs making JJ run a college option play…..how bad was that?

    If this OC is that clueless, how bad was Jagodzinski?

    Perhaps these newbies weren’t really sure how to conduct an interview process.

  3. mr. Lucky Says:

    Can someone, anyone, please tell me WHY Jeff Jagodzinski was released?

    Did the Bucs offense look THAT bad in the preseason?

    If it was simply a matter of disagreement between Morris and Jagodzinski get over it – don’t release the guy. Oh that’s right according to Raheem RigorMorris they wanted Jagodzinski to be the QB coach and Olson to be the OC – kinda like musical chairs.

    One more piece of evidence that Raheem Morris is IN OVER HIS HEAD

  4. mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Tom if Olson is running that QB options maybe that’s an indication that the Bucs are preparing the team for their 2010 top 3 draft pick of Tim Tebow. By practicing the option now by 2010 maybe Tebow can step right in and continue where he left off in Gainesville?

    Or maybe the coaches just dropped the ball with releasing the coach. Hey that’s it Raheem did a Clayton.

  5. Paul Says:

    Jagodski was probably fired because of Leftwich vs McCown. I believe the rumors that he wanted McCown all along while Raheem is dead set on Leftwich. That explains all that craziness with naming a starting qb in the preseason….there was a big tug-of-war behind the scenes. Jags probably threw a fit or said something outside that pissed Raheem off (I did remember Jags saying that it is not his decision to name a starting qb right after they named leftwich as starter.

    Raheem wanted to show Jags who is boss. Nice going bossman!

  6. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    there is another angle to this saga, someone I cant remember who it was, said that if raheem was to fail early on jags could be a possible replacement.It is much easier to fire a coach when you have someone on the staff ready to step in, maybe raheem knew he was in over his head and the firing of jags was a pre emptive strike

  7. Paul Says:

    bucsfanlostiniowa…well if that is true then it is another dumb move for Raheem The Dummy (how you like that 4th qtr safety in the last game Raheem?). What would stop the Glazers from hiring Jags after they dump dumdadumbdumb? Will-E-Raheem…Super Genius.

  8. Ben Says:

    I don’t agree, in fact I’d probably say this is the best Bucs offense I’ve ever seen and I’ve been a fan since the Super Bowl year. The problem is our defense can’t stop anyone and our wide receivers can’t catch. I do think we’ll run the ball better this week with Faine back and if we can run the ball we can keep our defense off the field, then maybe we can win.