Michael Clayton Accepts Some Blame

October 13th, 2009

Much has been made of Michael Clayton’s drops. Deservedly so. Much has also been made of Clayton’s idiotic comment about his hefty bank accounts when asked about his critics. Stupid, stupid move there Michael.

But Joe has to be fair. Lost in Clayton’s arrogant, ignorant blast about his wealth was that he also took blame for letting his team down by letting the football through his fingertips too many times.

“It’s our job to come up and make plays,” Clayton told Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “The rest is on us. I didn’t show up today.”

Again, Joe has been critical of Clayton for his drops, his excuses (Chucky is long gone so that no longer flies with Joe) and his moronic dismissal of his critics bragging about his paychecks.

Joe has to commend Clayton for actually taking the blame. While the loss to the Eagles cannot solely be pinned on Clayton, his drops didn’t help. Joe is impressed that he manned up and admitted he didn’t help his teammates.

Now make some catches Michael!

6 Responses to “Michael Clayton Accepts Some Blame”

  1. oar Says:

    Clayton couldn’t catch a cold, if he licked the floor of a walk-in-clinic!

  2. Joe Says:

    Oar, have you been talking to Gino?


  3. oar Says:

    Sad to see a player with potential(ie; see rookie season), can’t get his head out of his ass! That’s all I can say or think it is with him, but how many chances can you give the guy?
    Raheem needs to put him in Vick’s doghouse!

  4. Joel Says:

    Good to see you NOT credit 1010 today and get the interview that Clayton had with JP today.

    What a shame you have prostituted yourselves to 620 and the fact that they are “hooked” with the team than take a more omniscient approach.

  5. Joe Says:


    Good to see you are so concerned about Joe. Would you rest easier tonight knowing that Big Papi is to let Joe know when the audio file is uploaded so that Joe can link to it?

    Didn’t think of that did you?

    Rest assured, a post will be coming tomorrow about Clayton’s interview with J.P. that will be properly sourced and linked. Joe believes in linking to stories, unlike some others who are affiliated with 1010.

    And if you think Joe’s partnership with Clear Channel sways his opinions because of Clear Channel’s contract with the Bucs, you have a very vivid imagination.

  6. PetetheHat Says:

    You don’t just forget how to catch a ball…the man has talent (he’s proved it) either get him some sports psychology help or trade him and let him prove his talent again elsewhere without the pressures and lack of confidence he realizes here. I would opt for the first since I believe Michael Clayton has many good years ahead of him…(OH! and yeah he is an awesome blocker huh?)