Raheem Says Bucs Will Always Play “Fearless”

October 5th, 2009

Asked in his Monday news conference about how he would coach Josh Johnson to be more aggressive downfield rather than abandon the deep ball for his checkdown options, Raheem The Dream offered up some confusing perspective.

His answer to the questioning reporter was to explain a Bucs team philosophy.

“We’re always going to play not cautious. We’re always going to play, you know, fearless, you know, not cautious,” Raheem The Dream said.

Joe finds this approach fascinating from a head coach who was afraid to have is winless team go for the victory on the road on 4th-and-goal with 4:30 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Where was “fearless” then?

7 Responses to “Raheem Says Bucs Will Always Play “Fearless””

  1. erick Says:

    That is confusing, a Bucs team philosophy has always been “Don’t screw up on Offense, let the defense win the game.” As much as everyone in the organization wanted to get away from Chucky, it sure seems like they want so badly to be like him. If Gruden were still here, we would not be 0-4. Congrats “Goobers” you got rid of Chucky! How do ya like what you have now. Morons!

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  2. JK Says:

    Erick- Name calling is not the way to go, although I agree with the basis of your statement. I still believe the Glazerhouses got rid of Gruden knowing his ego would not let him sit out the season. He surprised them by sitting out and drawing their 4 mill per season for 2 more years. I don’t know what their paying the Dream but I’ll bet it’s minimum. I would venture to say that not only are the Glazerhouses 39 mill under the cap, they also have the cheapest coaches payroll in the league. If I’m wrong on that last statement maybe Joe can straighten me out.

  3. Fredrick Says:

    His new conferences are getting more baffling and contradictory. After a few more losses I predict him going into the old “circle the wagons, it’s us against them” mode towards the press and the fans. Then comes the inevitable meltdown moment. We can all watch Gruden loving life tonight though; being a media star, laughing at the Buc’s off camera, and still cashing big Glazer checks while doing it.

  4. TigerLaw Says:

    Fearless because they won’t be replaced unless of course there is something cheaper.

  5. H.Culverhouse Says:

    If he says he’ll bench players if they don’t perform then DO IT! and while you´re at it bench yourself and domink!! I’m a strong believer that C.Williams HAS to be traded at the end of this year along with: G. Adams, M.Clayton, K.Winslow.. come on 2picks and like 20mil and yet he’s been as obscure as gaines.

    Hemm throw yourself and dominik in the traiding block and we might get a 4th rd pick for all of the above.

  6. Paul Says:

    What happened to playing violent? Maybe next week it’s playing with denial. Week after its angry. Week after its playing depressed. Then its accepting that this really sucks to no end.

  7. ElUnicoBucsFanNJ Says:

    Shoot me now…for once I am fortunate enough to watch, not 1, not 2, but 4 Bucs games during the regular season in the NYC area and I cannot watch anymore of their games….they are absolutely brutal to watch; the DBs run around like decapitated chickens; terrible tackling; dropped passes, etc. Fearless my ass…I’ve witnessed the play calling on both sides, and it’s downright cowardly. It’s Raheem’s first year and you’d think he’d be more aggressive and play with a reckless abandon to send a message to the fans AND ownership. I would have stayed with Gruden…hell, give me the cardboard cut-out of Romeo Crennel at this point!