Backwards Hat Pulls No Punches

October 5th, 2009

Aqib Talib did his best to get Raheem the Dream his first win as an NFL head coach. Rick Brown points out several other Bucs who dropped the ball.

Good guy Backwards Hat, otherwise known as Rick Brown of the Lakeland Ledger, doesn’t hold back in his critique of the Bucs’ loss to the Redskins.

Brown points to a number of players and plays early in the game that cost the Bucs points that would have put the Redskins in such a hole they may not have been able to climb out.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers watches tape of their 16-13 loss to the Washington Redskins, many of the players are going to be sick. They’re going to be sick because they’re going to see the golden opportunity Washington gave them Sunday only to see them give it right back.

It should have been Raheem Morris’ first victory. Instead, it is his fourth loss to start the season.

Many fans will point to Clifton Smith’s fumble close to the end of the day as the reason why Tampa Bay lost.

Some may blame Aqib Talib, who despite tying a franchise mark with three interceptions, was beaten on what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown to Santana Moss.

While both of those plays had an impact on the game, Tampa Bay actually lost this game in the first half.

Slug kicker Mike Nugent is too obvious, as Brown explains. Instead, Brown calls out Davin Joseph and the King of Turds as two examples of the Bucs leaving critical points on the field.

2 Responses to “Backwards Hat Pulls No Punches”

  1. RustyRhino Says:

    I did not get to watch the game, but from what i saw on the Highlights the Lone TD who was it That “Gave-Up” on the 6 yard line after getting “beat”??? nice to get the Three Picks good Job there, but to give up on a TD? This i hope is not starting a trend on Defense?? I recall i have seen this before, this season.
    Way to Go. J. Johnson I wonder how well his Grasp of the Offense would be now if “he ” had got a few more Reps. in camp..?
    Yeah i did not get to see the whole game, so maybe i am missing a few good points. but at least i would have DOVE at him before i turned around and he crosses the Goal line for Six points.

  2. James Allen Spradling Says:

    I tried to find this article in the ledger but the one I read he went easy on them