Raheem The Dream Not Going Anywhere

October 18th, 2009

[UPDATE: Joe has learned through a trusted source that Mark Dominik told NBC’s Peter King that Raheem the Dream isn’t going anywhere. Joe is sure, unlike WTVT-TV, that NBC is not afraid of uploading video and will have said piece uploaded in the next few hours.]

The local MSM sometimes confuses Joe to no ends. For example:

1) One local MSM outfit owns both a popular Web site and a TV station. Joe really enjoys this site in question, but it seems  the head honchos at said place are allergic to showing any video on its site. It could destroy all competitors by liberally using its video on its site, yet if lucky, said site might — might! — have one Bucs video a week.

2) Another local MSM organization seems to have scoops from time to time on the Bucs, so Joe learns from e-mails and comments on this very site. One would think if said TV station had a scoop, it would want to splash this story all over its site and in the process rake in tens of thousands of pageviews (which, in turn, rakes in ad dollars).

But said TV station hides their scoops, which would be like, in the old days, a newspaper having a scoop but burying the story amid the obituaries.

The way some MSM outfits run their operations, they will have their own obituaries written if they don’t start embracing this newfangled Internet thing.

The latter example is specifically about WTVT-TV in Tampa. Joe received an e-mail from his good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 this evening. Seems Justin was watching some pregame show of a  pregame show on WTVT where Mark Dominik was asked if Raheem the Dream will return next season.

Joe will let Justin explain Dominik’s response from his e-mail to Joe:

Also, Chip Carter interviewed Dominik this morning and asked him if Raheem would be given a chance to remain coach next year. Dominik responded with, “we will evaluate him at the end of the season.” He could’ve easily said “yes, we fully expect him to”, but he didn’t. I found that extremely interesting.

Joe finds this more than a little interesting as well. So Joe quickly went to WTVT’s site, thinking surely they would have this splashed all over the place. This is huge news. Dominik did not give Raheem the Dream a vote of confidence.

So Joe logged on to the site… nothing. Not a word about it. Nowhere.

So Joe then went to e-mail Carter, hoping to confirm this information. Nowhere on the site was there an e-mail address to be found for Carter, but Joe did learn Carter likes dogs and hiking.

So Joe decided to message Carter’s comrade at WTVT, Kevin O’Donnell via his Facebook account. Joe’s not holding his breath. Last time he messaged O’Donnell to confirm/deny a story, O’Donnell got back to Joe roughly 10 days later.

And people actually wonder why the MSM is losing money?

Joe would love to confirm Justin’s information. Joe trusts Justin, but Joe is also a journalist. He would love to confirm this.

So if anyone knows how to get a hold of Carter, or if any readers also saw this piece this morning, please e-mail Joe or leave your comments below. Joe knows how to get in touch with you (he can read your e-mail address).

12 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Not Going Anywhere”

  1. george c. costanza Says:

    Dominik’s response to Carter was just boilerplate GM talk. I wouldn’t read too much into it. The Glazer Boys will make the call, not Dominik.

  2. Louie Says:

    Ha! Sounds like Dominik is starting to distance himself from Morris.

  3. Larry Says:

    I agree with Louie.

  4. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    they both suck

  5. Jackson Says:

    Yea, I believe Dominik will go before Morris, at the least, at the same time.
    Dominiks mistakes for outweigh Morris’ and are certainly more expensive.
    Even if Morris was in on shipping McCown out, it was Dominik whp pulled the trigger, same with Clayton’s deal, Nugent, Leftwich, Angelo Crowell, even as far back as not re-signing Phillip Buchanon, a mistake IMO. Bottom line, Louie is on target, as Dominik is ramping up to full-blown job preservation mode, when IMO, he should be the first to go. Gotta wonder if the Glazers even trust Dominik with their money anymore.

  6. Tye Says:

    I say they both had a huge part in this teams recent failures and they should be held accountable so send them both packing together like they did with Gruden and Allen. Chalk it up to an experiment gone HORRIBLY wrong OR see just how empty that stadium can truly get over the next few seasons.

  7. Joel Says:

    I saw the Peter King piece tonight, and I don’t think Dominik has the authority to fire Raheem. Personal opinion, I think Dominik and Morris are connected the same way Allen and Gruden were.

    This is a dangerous of a situation as a team can be in. No trust and no confidence and nothing to build off of. And the media in this town on a sidebar definitely is NOT accountable to you, I or anyone for that matter. It is a soft media, i.e., look at Stuart Sternberg and if you are “nice”, you get favorable media. I don’t want confrontation with the Glazers for the sake of confrontation, but it’s time for HARD questions and serious accountability.

  8. Joel Says:

    If Peter King KNEW anyone here locally, he should talk with Ira Kaufman (being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Voters that they are) and both would know that any decision in regards to the coach’s future in this case would come from the ownership level and not from the GM.

    There’s apathy even from men like Peter King and Mike Florio that is disturbing about the “treatment” and “coverage” of the Buccaneers.

  9. Joel Says:

    It is amazing that in this town no one seems to work together. I thought the baseball writers were bad (and they are), but there is no love, honor or passion in regards to the televsion, print and radio media. No one is in sync with one and other and everyone has their own agenda. Shame and pity on everyone, because the real “Joe” is the loser in the end. Media has to have the power to ask ANY question within reason, especially as that CITS is a major part of the infrastructure of Hillsborough County.

    What a shame, and everyone, from this site, to Justin, to Rick Stroud, Anwar, to Roy Cummings to Romano, Shelton, Henderson and Fennelly and the radio talent are all to blame. But the blame is also within the organization. This wouldn’t be a problem in another media market.

  10. Blah blah Says:

    I saw the piece…Dominik did not give Raheem a glowing endorsement. He basically said the bulk of Morris’s work will be evaluated during the offseason

    Chip Carter is on twitter and facebook. I don’t think he is hiding from anyone

  11. Radio Raheem Says:

    The owners are running the team into the ground for a move.

  12. Radio Raheem Says:

    Bucs will be in London or LA soon…