Raheem Can’t Say Clayton’s Name

October 12th, 2009

Joe has listened multiple times to Raheem The Dream’s Sunday postgame news conference and has made a startling discovery.

The head coach couldn’t get the words “Michael Clayton” out of his mouth.

Joe is stunned. This is the same head coach who has made a reputation in his young tenure for passionately calling out players publicly  for positives and negatives.

Why yesterday he named Ronde Barber, Elbert Mack and Will Allen for getting beat. He also went out of his way to praise Kellen Winslow and Donald Penn, who the head coach said “played his heart out.”

But that Michael Clayton guy, the head coach lumped him together with Antonio Bryant when asked about critical dropped passes and then refused to say the words, “Michael Clayton.

From Raheem The Dream’s 8 minutes and 25 seconds news conference posted on Buccaneers.com:

“Both guys dropped a bunch of balls today.” 1:15

“It’s hard to grade Josh on some of those plays with some of those dropped balls he had today. He could have had a 80 yard bomb on the first throw of the game …if we catch the ball. ” 2:40

“Somebody’s got to step up and make a play for him. When you’ve got zero coverage on the back end and [Josh Johnson] puts the ball in, you’ve got to catch it, make somebody miss and go score.” 5:45

“I don’t think dropping a ball is mental. I think that’s physical. I think you’ve just got to catch the ball. You’re paid to catch the ball. You got to catch it. Everybody.”  7:58

“No. We’ve got to be a tougher team on ourselves. You’ve got to catch those balls. You can’t have that happen. We have to go to practice first. We have to go to practice and see who can step up and perform. Who can catch the balls? Throw it to those people. And that’s what we’ll do.” 8:05

Don’t worry, Rah. Joe has a hard time even thinking about Michael Clayton playing for the Bucs and reminding us his fat check is in the bank. It’s surely understandable that the head coach can’t even say his name.

One Response to “Raheem Can’t Say Clayton’s Name”

  1. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Remember the ESPN interview with Clayton when Jon Gruden was fired? Brooks did the wise thing and said nothing, Clayton was mouthing off about how Gruden made him drop balls. That showed the real character of this NFL bust. How could we sign a guy like that to a contract is beyond me, and was the first hint that Raheem was in over his head. Players are not your friends, Coach. Clayton is laughing at him, as he checks his bank balance. Coach needs to stop doing the hip bump and starting acting like a coach. WWPD…What Would Parcells Do? First thing? Bench Clayton or put him on reserve status to his couch.