Freeman Should Start In 2010… Maybe

October 12th, 2009 columnist Peter King has a cushy gig Sundays.

He gets to sit in the warm, comfy studios of NBC in Manhattan, stuffing his face all day with catered grub, all the while gawking at multiple monitors watching every NFL game.

The lone drawback is that every place he sits, he has to wipe off the chairs due to all of Dull Patrick’s mousse.

So King, for whatever reason, was fixated on the Bucs loss to the Eagles. As a result, King is now a major Josh Johnson fan and suggests that Raheem the Dream has found his starting quarterback of the future.

I don’t care that Josh Johnson’s stats (26 of 50, 240 yards, two touchdown, three picks) were pedestrian Sunday at Philadelphia. If you saw much of the game, which I did, you saw a bold quarterback with growing confidence. I’d start him not just one or two more weeks — I’d give him the rest of the year.

Joe wouldn’t be opposed to this. Joe’s biggest short-term wish for the Bucs offense is that Greg Olson forget about using an option.

One Response to “Freeman Should Start In 2010… Maybe”

  1. Ron Nado Says:

    I think maybe 2010 is right! J.J. is the future if you ask me, which I know is not my place for I am not the H.C. of course. I just really like the way this kid played yesterday! Could you imagine if Freeman or even Leftwich had been in there with all those blitzes yesterday? I think he did a hell of a job, remember guys this was only his 2nd start! Actually he has’nt really even played for 2 years, and with out Faine in front of him…I can’t wait to see what he does next week!! Go J.J. and go Bucs!!
    Thats right, I said go Bucs! Most real fans still do that, only the bandwagoneers don’t!