Prepare For Freeman’s Debut In Washington

October 3rd, 2009

With all the distracting hoopla surrounding Josh Johnson being named the Bucs’ new starter, Joe is intrigued by the likelihood of Josh Freeman getting some work late in the game if the Bucs are getting clobbered or have secured a victory in Washington.

Why not?

In Joe’s mind, giving Freeman a late-game series or two can only help his development. At this point, he shouldn’t be so green and so mentally fragile that he can’t handle mop-up duty.

If Freeman plays well, then good for him. If he stinks up the field, then it’s only a couple of 3-and-outs. That shouldn’t hurt his confidence, and it would provide some valuable film for the youngster to study.

11 Responses to “Prepare For Freeman’s Debut In Washington”

  1. george c. costanza Says:

    i don’t know, man. If JJ plays well enough for us to get a win, I’d let him finish off the game. It’d be a big moment for him and for us.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    What is this crap? NFL Coaching 101? AYFKM? I’m sure the Bucs will be ahead by at least 4 TD’s in the 4’th Quarter. yea right.

  3. KennyL Says:

    Testy bunch in here. Sheesh. Pay no attention Joe.

    Freeman should get those minutes. I agree Joe.

  4. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    freeman will never see any playing time as long as raheem is coach, he brought him here for one reason only, to look pretty on the sideline, that’s right i said it freemnan is raheems eyecandy those who can, read between the lines.

  5. JK Says:

    Joe- Do you really watch the Bucs on Sunday? Hey Big Mac, I’ll bet we got 4 touchdowns on them by halftime. Then let’s put Clayton in at Wildcat and really show this league who’s who if he can handle the snap.

  6. KennyL Says:

    IowaGuy – The longer Freeman sits the longer Raheem might have a prayer of keeping his job. I think Joe is wise to call attention to an end of the game look for Freeman. If he doesn’t go in, there’s something screwy going on. Way beyond the BS that’s already coming out every other day

  7. H.Culverhouse Says:

    I predicted he’d play by week 5 but, good GOD did this team go down faster than I tought. Joe unlike you I don’t see him playing at all this week, not even if we´re up by 4 touchdowns (LOL) or down by 4.
    He’s as green as they come just not ready by a long shot. And trust me raheem will pull his excuse roledex on him every week so maybe after week 12 he’ll start to see some action. Who knows i said week 5 but i got it wrong maybe when we’re sitting at 0-7 he’ll be named the starter QB and, hello 5 ints per game!

  8. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    he dosent want that pretty face banged up got to keep him safe on the sideline

  9. george c. costanza Says:

    some of you sound homophobic

  10. Chucky Says:

    It doesn’t matter who the new HC puts in cuz the result will be the same. Boy am I glad I’m not there to get the heat for this mess! 🙂

  11. JJ Says:

    Hey Mr. Joe, what you talkin bout? You want pretty boy to mop up today? Where’s my love man? Make his ass wait on the side like I did. I earned my right to play. I had to put up with Gruden’s crap for 2 years watchin old man Garcia tip toe around. I had to watch that old boozer Son of Bob stink up the joint and all I got to do was run the opposing offense.

    Heck no man – it’s JJ time and I want to show this league that I’m the REAL DEAL. It’s time for a JJ highlight tape – you watch and see Mr. Joe. After watching me get these boys riled up you’re gonna think Josh Johnson not some pretty boy namby pamby little Freeman kid.