Pewter Report Ditches Printed Magazine

October 1st, 2009

Hot-off-the-presses copies of the colorful Bucs fan magazine Pewter Report will soon be a thing of the past.

No longer will constipated Bucs fans be able to enjoy its lengthy stories on the toilet without the benefit of a computer.

Formerly Buccaneer Magazine dating back to the Hugh Culverhouse era, Pewter Report is ditching its printed edition, stepping into the 21st Century and will be an online-only fan news and commentary hub beginning Oct. 23, when the magazine can be accessed via a pdf. file on the company Web site.

It seems their printed product fell in step with the rest of the publishing world, which has suffered from declining reader interest and revenue for years. 

Pewter Report slashed its annual subscription rates several months ago to $10, a sign of the economic times and that changes were coming to the company. Pewter Report dropped video from its Web site prior to the 2009 season, but added a blog-type display and kept its fan message boards known for rambling rants and debate.

The NFL frowns upon giving game credentials to Web-only media, but Pewter Report publisher Scott Reynolds claims that the rigid, draconian NFL policy won’t apply to Pewter Report’s team, which has included full-time and part-time reporters over the years.

“The change to digital will have no bearing on Pewter Report’s ability to secure credentials. There’s no reason why it would,” Reynolds said in an e-mail to

“Pewter Report (formerly Buccaneer Magazine) has a 21-year history of getting credentialed through the NFL and a proven track record with the Buccaneers for being fair and responsible journalists. The magazine isn’t going away. It is just evolving,” Reyonds said. “We are investing tens of thousands of dollars in this new technology and the same amount of work will go into each issue. The Buccaneers know that. The only difference is that …it  is being published right on the website instantly.”

Reynolds left open the chance the new Web-only Pewter Report magazine could return to print one day with special editions, such as a Super Bowl issue if the Bucs were to get back to the big game. 

Joe congratulates Pewter Report for ditching the print dinosaur and joining the ranks of Web-only Bucs publishers like 

And it’s good to know the Bucs have welcomed them with open arms as credentialed media. As Bucs and all sports coverage in newspapers shrinks (see the Orlando Sentinel as Exhibit A), the team will need all the qualified journalists covering the team it can find.

13 Responses to “Pewter Report Ditches Printed Magazine”

  1. Paul Says:

    When they slashed prices down to $10 a year for subscription I went ahead and payed $30 for 3 years of the mag. That was a good 7 or 8 months ago and I still haven’t seen one copy of the mag. Thats when I left Pewter Report for the much greener pastures of

  2. Mark Says:


    Like yourself I have just found this site and Im enjoying 100% more than the fluff and old stuff on PR

  3. Pete Says:

    The magazine was always nice to refer back to. The only thing worth going to PR was breaking news and as Joe put it “its fan message boards known for rambling rants and debate.” A hotbed of Grudenistas and Bucs haters.

    Still it was nice to get something useful in the mail other than bills and flyers.

  4. Joe Says:


    Welcome aboard and thanks for the kind words!

    Joe had a record month for traffic in September. He is humbled and flattered. Joe sincerely thanks one and all for dropping by.

    If anyone is new, by all means e-mail your Bucs friends about Joe.

    Again, thanks.

  5. KennyL Says:

    PR and Joe should team up. Would be absolutely no need to go anywhere else. Think it’s funny that PR doesn’t seem to realize how a magazine is very different from reading it online. You can’t hand that to your kid in the back seat and look at the cheerleader pics without feeling like a pervert

  6. james from dunedin Says:

    I was wondering why there was a stack of free Pewter Report mags at Applebees, seems no one was willing to pay $40 for them.

  7. Larry Says:

    I’ve enjoyed PR’s magazine and web content for a lot of years. The insiders columns are really good and insightful. I’m happy I found and come several times each day for the updates which I can’t say about PR.

  8. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the compliments. Joe appreciates them very much.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    So is this “Good for Joe”? Will Joe get Credentials now and full Media Access? I mean C’mon man, the TBO guys are idiots. Cummings is a drone for the team, and Fennelly is a smartass punk hated by everyone. Ira is the one guy there who I like, but they have all access, why not Joe? Steve?

    I mean Joe, buddy, really, can you imagine being in a packed corridor before the game brusHing up against Rachel Watson? Her Perfume? Hot Costume with the puppies busting out at the seams. I can only imagine what Joe’s report would contain. We’re TALKING SERIOUS JOURNALISM.

  10. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    BigMacAttack – This is neither good nor bad for Joe. It’s just a story about a printed magazine demise and possibly new interpretation of media policy.

    For the record, Joe has attended multiple Bucs games in 2009 as credentialed media. But Joe would love greater access. And, of course, Joe doesn’t sniff cheerleaders and act unprofessionally. Even when he wants to.

  11. Joe Says:


    Joe’s gotta stick up for Woody Cummings and Martin Fennelly. Cummings (who reads this site daily) is a class act who has helped Joe out in the past. Fennelly, who has also helped Joe out in the past in a non-football related issue, is one of the most talented writers in the country. A newspaper general sports columnist is going the way of the yellow pages. There’s a reason why Fennelly is still with the Tribune. The man gets readers.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    Fennelly can be funny at times, but he has written more off the wall BS about the Bucs than anybody. He bashed Gruden more than Duemig. Ronde talking about negative media toward the Bucs, well there is your top two guys right there. I think it would be hard to argue that Fennelly isn’t a Smartass. For me, I think Steven Holder has all those guys beat hands down. If they’re your buddies OK, but I’m not sorry and I’d rather read your stuff than theirs any day, but Raheem is losing me fast. We’ll see what happens with the JJ decision. It’s his bast decision yet this year. I also 100% blame Raheem for wasting the first round pick. I think out of all the picks Stroughter and Miller are the only ones playing. Hope Kyle Moore works out.

  13. Sgt Mike Says:

    Joe, just don’t start charging me for your site. Thats’s why I never like PR. Fluff stories free and real stories for pay. If I want to pay for it I’ll get the Trib delivered and get biz news as well.