Expect Freeman To Start In “Two-Three Weeks”

October 1st, 2009

Want to see Josh Freeman start? You won’t have to wait long, so says “The Professor,” John Clayton of BSPN. Clayton, in his weekly look at the NFC South, predicts unless Freeman will start in “two to three weeks.”

4 Responses to “Expect Freeman To Start In “Two-Three Weeks””

  1. Fredrick Says:

    He’s probably right: Freeman by game six; the first home blackout game since 1997. After Josh Johnson throws multiple interceptions in the next two games, which he will, because he’s not even close to being ready, the “future” will be now as the cliché turns. Then it it’s worse before better days. Time for Buc’s fans to hunker down old school style!

  2. Pete Says:

    Already in hunker down mode the moment Leftwich was named the starting ? What was it QB?

    Better 0-16 with the “future” than 2-14 with Leftwich. Frankly with Lefty it still could be 0-16 if the D does not come around.

    Freeman and Johnson should have been getting all the reps in TC.

  3. Chuck Says:

    Hard to say he is “not ready” since no one has seen him play against starters. I think they should have announced it on game day, so the Skins prepared to play Lefty.

  4. JK Says:

    At this point what difference does it make.