Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts

October 11th, 2009

* Sabby almost gets the interception on the volleyball tip. Bucs will need a few more breaks like that to get back in the game.

* Jimmy Wilkerson came to play. A sack and a batted down pass. Would have been a first down had Wilkerson got his mitts on the ball.

* Joe likes that call of a screen pass to Caddy. Nice play, nice call.

* But Joe didn’t like that pass call to Winslow. Why throw to a guy who is five yards behind the first down marker unless he is wide open?

* Wilkerson with another big time play on a near interception/tipped pass.

* Bucs offense is grinding to a halt in the third quarter.

* Johnson nearly had a pick-six but Clayton didn’t help out his quarterback much by not coming back to the pass.

* You could almost smell that interception coming. The Eagles has really been turning the wheels on the vice on that possession. Eagles are about to seal the win.

* Westbrook vs. Ruud = mismatch and not at all in the Bucs favor.

* The rout is on. And currently and more importantly in some circles, the Eagles are covering the spread.

* Four-yard game but not sure if pounding the rock is worth it at this point.

* Joe likes the pass interference call but that was very iffy if Winslow could have caught that.

* Johnson seems so much more relaxed and in control than last week.

* Nice wheels by Johnson but it’s wasted because someone that their head up their ass and a didn’t know how to make a shift.

* Michael Clayton with a nice catch. Quick, someone document this moment. Add a roughing the passer penalty and the Bucs are in the red zone.

* Eagles defense locking down the Bucs in the red zone.

* While Johnson is looking better than last week, three picks are still three picks and inexcusable.

* This game is quickly spiraling out of control.

* Jimmy Wilkerson is having the game of his life. Too bad it’s wasted.

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