Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts

October 4th, 2009

* Gene Deckerhoff is now in the house. Apparently he had two flight delays, had one canceled and a third where he missed a connector by one minute. He would have been better off hopping a train from Boston. Or even driving.

* Clifton Smith with a nice return.

* BTW, what’s with this pink cap of Raheem the Dream’s? That’s almost as idiotic as baseball players using pink bats on Mother’s Day.

* Damn, that overthrow by Johnson on the rollout had major gain written all over it.

* Since early in the game, the Redskins have pretty much stopped the Bucs running outside of Johnson.

* That was a terrible (under)throw by Johnson into double coverage and this is just what the Redskins need to get back in the game.

* Jason Campbell runs for a first down? Geez.

* Nice defense by the Bucs there, good pass coverage because there sure as hell wasn’t much of a pass rush.

* So much for the shutout. Bucs need to put some offense together and Joe’s not so confident that will happen. Johnson is sure looking like this is his first NFL start.

* It’s starting to be apparent that the plodding running of Cadillac and Graham is playing right into the Redskins defense. Joe again please for someone quick like Clifton Smith to shake things up.

* Not good that Zuttah is out.

* Another bad pass into traffic by Johnson. The Bucs defense is going to be dead if the offense can’t start making first downs.

* Redskins offense is starting to warm up.

* Third and long: Can the Bucs defense come up big (again)?

* Oh, boy. The Redskins might go for it on fourth down. Major play in the game here.

* First down Cooley First down Redskins. How the hell did they let Cooley slip through there? That could be the turning point in the game.

* Ronde Barber with a fantastic play. Joe will be positive. OK Ronde?

* Quincy Black with a nice open field tackle. May have saved a first down.

* Just as Joe typed that, Black couldn’t bring Campbell down for a first down.

* Penalty. Washington. Thankfully. That helps.

* Cooley has just taken over this game. Unless the Bucs offense kickstarts — Joe isn’t very confident — that’s the game-changer.

* Wow, Ronde Barber with a block on the extra point. Now if somehow the Bucs can get a field goal, that could be HUGE.

* Not good news. Jeremy Zuttah is out for at least this next series.

* Dave Moore just said the Bucs need to get back to running the ball. Nice to think that but the run game hasn’t done squat since early in the game. And now you have Zuttah out of the game. Just how/why should they do this?

* Once again, Joe pleads for Raheem the Dream to put in Clifton Smith.

* Now Jeremy Trueblood is down. Bucs might want to try a wishbone now.

* If the Bucs are going to win this thing, Joe believes the Bucs will have to have a Pick-6.

* There’s your ballgame. Santana Moss. Joe was just waiting for that. Moss just blew by Aqib Talib. No fault to Talib there. Moss is that fast.

* Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network is blistering the Bucs offense, blaming the Moss touchdown on the Bucs not being able to move the ball and the defense (Talib) being worn out.

* Moore keeps talking about the Bucs running more. Hello, Dave, are you watching the same game Joe is? Memo to Moore: Not only cannot the Bucs run, but two starting offensive linemen are out. How do you expect the Bucs to suddenly, magically start running.

* Youngblood is back on the field. He got jacked up by a hit to the chin. Now that he has shaken the cobwebs out, he’s out on the field.

* How about a reverse? How about an option?

* Hey, Greg Olson, YOU CANNOT run the ball today. Geez. Try something different will ya’?

4 Responses to “Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts”

  1. J Lynch says Says:

    Joe the pink cap looks good on Morris

  2. Charkh Says:

    Cadillac Williams is going to be our best receiver today.

  3. Charkh Says:

    Absolutely pathetic.

  4. aldo Says:

    i just want to say that geno hayes, aqib talib and josh johnson did very well their works!! no matter that int of JJ at least he shwon us he is right now the best choice, but damn, im so tired of all this, trueblood with theri offsides, NO MORE U DOUCHEBAG!!!! cadillac just run when he wanted, how did he looke in 3 quarter?? but the big problem is in coaching staff!!! no more raheem, no more bates, if ur going to rebuild, d it well, not with all this fucking assholes!!!