It’s Official: Freeman New Bucs Starting QB

October 28th, 2009

Well, the speculation can end.

Josh Freeman is the Bucs new starting quarterback.

Per the TBO Bucs Twitter account via Anwar Richardson (this is officially the Anwar Richardson Day on, Raheem the Dream announced that his groom is the new Bucs starting quarterback.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris has just announced quarterback Josh Freeman will take over as the team’s starter.

Joe wonders how long the two will enjoy their honeymoon?

Joe is depressed and fears this move will set the Bucs back possibly six years.  Joe is in dire need of mass quantities of Caybrew.

24 Responses to “It’s Official: Freeman New Bucs Starting QB”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Freeman will get creamed, totally overwhelmed, sacked 20 times in the next 2 games, and Josh Johnson will be back in at QB. It is a mistake to pull JJ anyway, just like it was a mistake to draft Freeman or sign Leftwich.

  2. Tye Says:

    Can’t really say it is exciting news but it was bound to happen. None of the other QB’s has been worthy of the position so why not get the “Franchise” past his learning stage with the remainder of this season.

  3. Joe Says:

    Rushing Freeman (his first game against Don Capers’ zone blitzes, brilliant!) means we are looking at the reincarnation of Jason Campbell.

    Olson will (deservedly) get whacked after the season and Freeman will be on his third offensive coordinator in less than a year.

    And if the Bucs suck next year — very likely — and Gruden’s salary is off the Glazers’ books, a new coach comes in for the 2011 season with yet another new coordinator and you’re looking at a fourth offensive coordinator in two years.

    Same thing that torched Campbell.

  4. The_BucRealist Says:


  5. thedeej3000 Says:

    Good point Joe…. Which is why, Raheem needs to be shown the door along with Olson.

    What is really really gonna suck… is that we’ve already had to endure the collapse last year, the awful season this year, another wasted year with Raheem next year… a strike in 2011, and rebuilding again in 2012. We may not see good football in Tampa again, for 5 years.

  6. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Joe, the sooner he is proven to be a bust the sooner morris and dominik are gone and that is a good thing!

  7. Louie Says:

    @The_BucRealist, you’re right.

    I had hopes the Bucs would beat Green Bay, with it being LeRoy Selmon’s day and Green Bay coming off a huge game against the Vikings. But they won’t get a win with Freeman in the lineup. Aside from that game, the Bucs really only have one more remotely winable game, @Carolina.

    On the brights side, if Morris doesn’t win a game (or 2), he’s gone.

  8. Pete Says:

    Yeah! Maybe every other article won’t be about Joe moaning about keeping Freeman on the bench.

    But now I fear Joe will fill this fantastic site with “I told you so articles.”
    GasP! Whats a Joe Buc Fans (FAN) to do.

    Go Bucs! Go Freeman!

  9. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Freemans first start is in orange.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Maybe from here on out Joe can affectionately refer to Freeman as “High 5”. You can spin that many ways.

  11. Jeff Says:

    @Blackmagic00 – Let’s hope he’s not color blind circa Testicleverde.

  12. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    If everyone understands that the season is over NOW, and we will prob go 0-16 or 1-15, then whats the issue. No one expects the team to do anything, so if the expectations are not there for wins, how does Freemam have a meltdown? He didnt ruin the season, the Bucs dont suck because of him, its not his fault. The Glazers torched it last year when they fired Gruden, and Rah and Mark cemented it during camp. Let the kid get his reps and start working his talent. Besides, with our new FB Pressley, we will more than likely be running the ball anyway.
    Just because Trent Dilfer sucked doesnt mean he will…….

  13. mr. Lucky Says:

    How appropriate – Freeman’s first NFL start will be in a Bucs creamsicle uniform – the days of the YUKS are fast approaching…

    As for Freeman getting creamed – simple



    Wasn’t this what Raheem promised? That the Bucs were going to be physical and tough?


    Call running plays again and again. Even if it means a whole 1/2 of 3 & outs.

    Then in the 2nd half run, run and screen play – yeah you DO have that in your playbook Mr. Olson?

  14. Jeff Says:

    Courtesy of Rick Stroud:
    “Morris said that the plan is for Freeman to start the rest of the season — and beyond — regardless of the won/loss record.”

  15. Joe Says:

    But now I fear Joe will fill this fantastic site with “I told you so articles.”


    Joe doesn’t do those types of articles.

  16. Pete Says:

    Good because I really dig (70’s lingo in honor of the Bucs) JoeBucsFan so much so that I’m leaving another Bucs info site that recently bait and switched me from a full color magazine (Hey, I’m an old guy and like pretty pictures) to an all digital thing. Not Groovy (more 70’s lingo). Of course I paid the Buccaneers for season (NFL) tickets and so far they have given me the bait and switch, apparently I got UFL tickest instead.

    Joe I see Freeman as a win – win for you…lots of good article material.

    Lets go JOSH! FREEMAN that is!

  17. mr. Lucky Says:

    Damn those Chicago fans…Look at this:

    Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:43 am EDT

    Bears’ Smith not getting canned
    By Mark J. Miller

    There is apparently a loud cry going up in the Windy City by fans of the Chicago Bears. It basically consists of one unified idea: fire coach Lovie Smith.

    Hey since we didn’t trade for Cutler can we trade HC’s with Chicago instead?

    I’ll give you Raheem & Bates for Lovie and Jay!

  18. Joe Says:

    Joe I see Freeman as a win – win for you…lots of good article material.


    Trust Joe, this is not a win for him. Joe wants the Bucs to win.

  19. ChuckInJax Says:

    Thanks for joining the ‘Krewe’, Pete…Your ability to win friends and infuse your sunny outlook on JoeBucsFan is mighty impressive thusfar…Perhaps your best course is not to share too much…

  20. Pete Says:

    Thanks ChuckInJax! 😉

    A sunny outlook is the best, life is to short to worry about going 0-16, been there done that, seems like just 33 years ago. How time flies!

    Go Bucs! Go Freeman!

  21. justin Says:

    I had the great news of me getting ticked for the tampa game at carolina and new buc gear now I hear this bad news …. Anyone wanna buy some tickets…. No I need to go to thi gane they need support

  22. Paul Says:

    Don’t worry he is a big boy he can take it. That’s why they drafted him in the first place…his BIG.

  23. gt40bear Says:

    Unless something miraculous happens like new owners, new administration, new coaches, etc. They will be putrid for a decade! I’m afraid the 2010’s will make the 80’s/90’s look like the hall of fame years. Hope I’m wrong but this team has a funk going on that is beyond description. Hey Glazers, get used to seeing 40000 fans disguised as empty seats. Thanks a lot for “listening to the fans” and gutting the organization!

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Well, I have 4 home games left, 2 ea at $85 = $680. This money has been pretty much pi$$ed away, so if I just eat them and save the frustration, I can save an additional $100 parking, $400 food and drinks, $180 gas = $680 savings or not throwing good money after bad. I love football, but this ain’t it. I haven’t quite figured out what this is. It is closer to Waterboarding than entertainment.

    My problem is that as a Buc fan, I don’t like any other teams. I would have cheered for Brooks most likely if he was picked up, but this is a Funk and I don’t know what to do. Will the Green Bay game be blacked out? Does it really matter if it is? Steve White’s column is the most entertaining thing we have going right now, next to Cadillac Williams who spends more time on the bench than on the field. This team would be better off with NO Coaches than the ones we have.