“Big Problems” For Bucs

October 28th, 2009
The Bucs are so awful, somewhere, Steve Spurier is grinning.

The Bucs are so awful, somewhere, Steve Spurier is grinning.

The march to a winless season is on and Joe just can’t see where the Bucs can steal a win, especially if Josh Freeman is the quarterback, as The Professor, John Clayton of BSPN, spoke about earlier.

Vic Carlucci of NFL.com documents just how bad things will get for the Bucs.

Biggest problems:1. No legitimate starting quarterback. The Bucs had hoped to wait longer before turning to first-round pick Josh Freeman, but he saw his first action against the Patriots and might wind up taking over for Josh Johnson — who replaced Byron Leftwich — after their Week 8 bye. 2. Coach Raheem Morris, who had been the Bucs’ secondary coach, needed more development before being put in charge of an NFL team.

Outlook: If Freeman starts, he’s going to experience a great deal of growing pains because he won’t get much help from his supporting cast. Morris has more lumps to take as well. And climbing out of the basement of the NFC South, with the Saints and Falcons in the top two spots, looks extremely difficult.

Right now the Bucs are so miserable, Joe considers a loss less than six points to be a victory.

2 Responses to ““Big Problems” For Bucs”

  1. Greg Says:

    Joe, I was just thinking the same thing–if the Bucs can cover a spread this year, can we count that as a victory???

  2. justin Says:

    We can win the game against carolina in december by this time carolinas morale will be so bad anyone can beat them