Glazers Talked To Phil Simms, Jim Nantz

October 25th, 2009

"Man, it was so cool to meet Phil Simms. Did he sign your Simms jersey?"

Joe just about wet himself when Phil Simms said during the Bucs-Patriots telecast that he and Jim Nantz chatted with Joel and Bryan Glazer this weekend about the state of the franchise.

Joe was flabbergasted.

Since when do the Glazers talk to any media outside of their annual state-of-the-team address every winter? (And who could forget their last public blubbering?)

Simms said the Glazers were talking about how they feel about the direction of the team going young and building through the draft.

Is the the start of a new trend for the Glazer Boys? Maybe they really are at the other end of that sideline phone.

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