Geno Hayes A Pro Bowler?

October 9th, 2009

Joe has been geeked the way Geno Hayes has played since he figured out how to read a clock (just kidding Geno). He’s been one of the very few bright spots in what already has been a horrid season.

Because the Bucs are so bad, with the exception of Donald Penn, Joe didn’t think any Bucs player would have a snowball’s chance of a trip to the Pro Bowl, held this year in south Florida.

However, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune noted on the TBO Bucs Twitter account that there are whispers within the walls of One Buc Palace that Hayes is a Pro Bowler.

The Bucs are tempering their enthusiasm, but privately some in the organization believe LB Geno Hayes is a Pro Bowler in the making.

Joe believes this would be fantastic. Every time Joe sees Hayes flying across the field, it warms his heart and makes Joe want to reach for a cold Caybrew.

5 Responses to “Geno Hayes A Pro Bowler?”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    GH a Pro Bowler? In what year? or did that mean he’s become a professional bowler?

    Signing up for the PBA?

  2. Ron Nado Says:

    In 4 games? lol
    As much as I like the way he is playing, which is great, come on really?
    Pro bowler already? What about Talibs 3 interceptions? Does that make him pro bowler too?

  3. leningan Says:

    nope. because along with those picks he gets burned at least twice a game. Geno has been consistently good (if not great) on every drive of every game. granted he and Ruud get a lot of opportunities because our d-line is so woeful…. but still, if Hayes continues the way he started he should be a shoe-in.

  4. Fredrick Says:

    Jury’s still out. But it’s hard to get guys in the Pro Bowl, even if they deserve it, when they play on 2-14, 4-12 type teams that are not on National TV. Ask Paul Gruber about that one.

  5. Ron Nado Says:

    I agree guys! Geno has played lights out! Looks alot like a certain player we all love and wish were still around. But like Fredrick said, unless we go on a roll and start putting some serious wins together he will never get the recognition he should. Right now our beloved team is the laughing stock of the NFL, so I seriously doubt he will get the credit he deserves.