Football, Cheerleaders And A Car Wash

October 8th, 2009

Despite what some suggest, Joe’s not a cold-hearted man. To prove that, Joe has an idea that he is sure will help out the Glazer Family.

Joe has read countless articles that Bryan and Joel have some nasty payments on their loan to buy some English kickball team. This saddens Joe, but he’s willing to help.

Joe read this morning a positively brilliant idea that could help Bryan and Joel rake in a few Benjamins to ease their monthly payments on the kickball team, and energize Bucs fans in the process.

Joe has a love-hate fascination with Washington Redskins tyrant owner Danny Snyder. His heavy-handed ways with the fourth estate infuriates Joe (Danny, why be mad at the Washington Post for running photos of fans with bags on their heads? The paper isn’t ruining your sorry team. Should the paper also not report your team’s record? How come you don’t get mad about the TV shots of those drag queens in your stadium, huh?).

And Joe takes some perverse pleasure in the fact that Snyder hired that jackass that ruined ESPN and put this buffoon in charge of Snyder’s Six Flags empire, only to see that operation run into bankruptcy. Nice.

But then Joe warms to Snyder when Joe reads about Snyder’s latest scheme:

Redskins fans have the opportunity to enter a contest, sponsored by a district car wash joint, to not only win tickets to a Redskins game, but have the opportunity for their vehicle to be hand-washed by the Redskins cheerleaders.


If Brian and Joel were of such a mind, not only could they (easily) find a sponsor for such a contest, Joe is confident Bucs fans would pay to enter the contest, sort of like a raffle. $10 per entry.

Too bad this couldn’t have been created last year. Joe’s mind races at the thought of Rachel Watson washing his truck. Sigh.

3 Responses to “Football, Cheerleaders And A Car Wash”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I can only think about how you’d like to see the Bucs cheerleaders do a car wash…maybe like this?

  2. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    Fly wonders when the cheerleading squads will be cut to reduce costs to the owners……………..

  3. Joe Says: