Fan(s) Answers Raheem The Dream’s Challenge

October 13th, 2009

After Michael Clayton had his best game in years against Dallass, showing heart and toughness and best of all — hands! — Raheem the Dream declared boldly to all who would listen, “I dare somebody to write an article about why Clayton is on the team again.”

Since, Clayton has reverted to his old self, dropping virtually everything thrown to him.

Frustrated and angry, one fan (?) decided to take Raheem the Dream up on his challenge. And so was born the site “”

The site is virtually dedicated to the goal of the Bucs cutting ties with Michael Clayton no matter if it’s a trade or outright release. Joe notes “virtually” as the site also offers (a few) non-Clayton takes. One compelling article is titled “Rick Stroud is a hack!”

The authors of the site absolutely destroy Clayton at every turn. Naturally, the fathers of the site had a field day with Clayton when he boasted about his bank account after dropping four balls Sunday at Philadelphia.

Joe loves to read and see such passion among Bucs fans.

One Response to “Fan(s) Answers Raheem The Dream’s Challenge”

  1. Brad Says:

    Saw this on ESPN this morning. Someone at One Buc is thinking along the same lines.