Chris Myers: Dungy Return Under Consideration

October 13th, 2009

Chris Myers is a legitimate, reputable national broadcaster known to countless Bucs fans as the team’s play-by-play man on its preseason telecasts.

So it’s fair to say that Bucs fans should take great notice when Myers drops an absolute bombshell of a ramble like he did Monday on his daily FOX Sports Radio show.

Myers said Tony Dungy is a name under consideration for a job at One Buc Place that could be a consultant position, an assistant coaching job, or a Bill Parcells-type advisory role.

Myers said, “I did want to mention Tony Dungy’s name, and I don’t even know if Tony has been approached, has surfaced in Tampa as a possibility. …The team is winless. There is some concern about direction. Dungy might be a guy whether he is brought in as a consultant or an executive or to coach with Raheem Morris. It is something that is out there that is being talked about.”

Myers went on to say this is “a developing story,” and “these are things that are being discussed that you’re not going to hear a lot of places except here.”

Typically, Joe would dismiss this comment as typical baseless gossip in search of ratings and something to be expected from a California-based talking head like Myers.

However, these Dungy comments must be taken seriously because of Myers’ close ties with the Bucs.

No doubt Myers has superior sources inside the bowels of One Buc Palace. To be fair, it’s also reasonable to believe Myers has bad information.

But perhaps the Glazers have reached out to heal the wounds surrounding Dungy’s exit.

Perhaps the Glazers want help repairing their suspect college scouting department.

Perhaps the Glazers want a trustworthy advisor to help them craft the post-Mark Dominik-Raheem The Dream era.

Considering the state of the franchise, Dungy would be a welcome addition.

15 Responses to “Chris Myers: Dungy Return Under Consideration”

  1. Justin Says:

    I hope the Glazers are begging, BEGGING, for Dungy to return as head coach of the Bucs.


    This team needs someone like Dungy, who shepherded the team to the point of respectability.

  2. MTM Says:

    Dungy built 99% of the superbowl winning Buc’s team. Of course he would be welcome back. But I think it is just wishful thinking.

  3. Jolly Rodger Says:

    The way Tony was unceremoneously dispatched by the Glazers, I would be suprised he would be be willing to come back to the team in any capacity.

    However, If Dungy indeed was able to get past any bad feelings and/or mistrust he may have for the Glazer clan, I would think it would be in some sort of a Parcellslike position. I honestly think that his retirement from HCing is permanent, but something like this might allow him to stay in the game yet would afford him the time he covets to spend with family and his community interests.

    This said, I would love to see him return. It would bring back some integrity and credibility to the team that has all but vanished over the years since his departcher.

  4. oldskoolbucsfan. Says:

    Right not I dont think Vince Lombardi could help the Bucs. They dont have enough players that can play

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Boy the 3 above posters really missed the point about Tony.

    If Dungy were to come back to the Bucs it wouldn’t be about the Glazers. Tony would only do it to help Raheem and to mentor some of the troubled kids. He wouldn’t be willing to be a HC but rather a mentor – like he did with Michael Vick.

    One Buc player would better beware is Talib. Tony has a zero tolerance policy for helmet wielding thugs.

    Do I think this will happen? Possibly. In fact if Raheem asked for help from Dungy I believe Tony would gladly come to One Buc Place but it’s not the help of moving X and O’s. Rather it would be on growin and maturing off the field.

  6. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Hey Joe, not sure if you’ve already come across this but ESPN is reporting that the Bucs are working out Matt Jones, wonder what that means if anything for Mike Claytons #2 spot if they do bring him in.

  7. Chris D Says:

    We suck. God couldn’t save this team. Im jus lookin forward to 2012. That will only be the thing that can save the Bucs…the end of time.

  8. Gino Says:

    Yeah I’d just love to see the guy who drafted Marcus Jones and Regan Upshaw in the 1st round, along with other wastes-of-skin like Cosey Coleman, She-dell Anthony, Jerry Wunsch, Jack-ass Green and Shaun King, Pinata Walker all in 1st or 2nd round to help with scouting “talent”.

    Besides his ineptitude at that challenge, did all you guys forget that this guy’s goal in life was to win football games 2-0?

    Did you think it was just a fluke that ownership in Indy told him “hands off” Manning and the offense?

    So while some of you think it was “Tony’s Team” that won the Super Bowl -in spite of the fact he failed to do it-or actually win anything but the rare 1st round playoff game-which as far as I know is pretty critical as far as getting to the Super Bowl (and once again look back at that winning team–all the key defensive players go back to Sam Wyche-and the offense has Gruden’s fingerprints on it) I have to believe your memories are suspect. This guy COULD NOT DRAFT-DIDN’T WIN ANY BIG GAMES-LACKED THE KILLER INSTINCT.

    Yeah I love the guy-he’d be welcome at my dinner table any time-but he couldn’t win with the fine components that were assembled for him here-and he was handed the finest offense in the NFL at Indy–all he needed to do was play a little defense-and at that he succeeded.

    I don’t think that makes him Vince Lombardi.

  9. Joe Says:

    Gino with the bullseye!

  10. Jackson Says:

    Gino with a double bullseye!

  11. Bill Says:

    Promote Doug Williams. Josh Johnson was his pick, and Williams stuck with him through a terrible combine. Clearly, last Sunday J.J. showed both mental and physical quickness while displaying an accurate and strong arm. His future is bright.

    I don’t know how influential Williams is in the Bucs Organization, but he has more football experience than Morris and Dominick combined. While these guys may have potential, Williams provides experience, and we all know that potential rides the bench. Seems to me the Bucs have that backwards.

  12. oar Says:

    Gino, don’t forget Gruden brought in 27 new players to that 2002 Bucs team. Considering that and also the fact Dexter Jackson and Ronde Barber were the only Dungy picks worth a damn on defense(I know Dunn and Alsott were offense), I don’t know where “Dungy built 99% of the superbowl winning Buc’s team” comes from MTM?

  13. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Gino hit it on the head right there, fans were restless with the constant losses to Philly in the playoffs. The Glazers kicked him out the door with little respect but fans were already calling for the change, just no one liked how it happened.

    I don’t know that we would even be satisfied if we got a big name head coach like Cowher, what happens if it takes a few years of losing to assemble a team worthy to compete, or we go successive years being bounced in the playoffs. Would we as Bucs fans be able to tolerate that or would we call for his job to bring in the next big name as HC?

    As for scouting, if you think about it much like Gino said, our scouting hasn’t been very good since the Sam Wyche era. The above named players from the Dungy era to the Gruden guys (Didn’t we draft a JuCo WR in the 3rd round one year, Larry Brackins an he was suppose to be hella talented but considered a project?) now to the Morris debacle (Stroughter may be the best pick of the draft for us, and I’m not sold on Freeman who was average in a conference that I’m not even sure had actual defensive players, he has that deer in the headlights/Rays bullpen needing a save but getting ready to blow it look).

  14. BillinGA Says:

    If I were Tony, I would say sure, I will advise, you, starting NEXT Season. Rub the Glazers nose in this crap for a season. Lose millions in ticket and merchandising, hell yes. They deserve it. 0-16 here WE COME.

  15. BillinGA Says:

    And a couple of years without a win, Glazers will be begging Gruden to come back too.