“Everybody’s Open On Sunday”

October 5th, 2009

Raheem The Dream’s postgame evaluation of Josh Johnson’s play was incomplete, as the media peppered him with questions about whether Johnson was missing open receivers downfield and opting for checkdowns and to run for his life. 

The head coach said he’d have to look at the game film before rendering a real opinion on that aspect of Johnson’s game.

“Everybody’s open on Sunday. …Everybody comes back to the huddle and says they’re open,” Raheem The Dream said in his postgame news conference. “We’ll go back and evaluate that on tape.”

Joe hopes Johnson shows up well on tape. But Joe can’t imagine the Redskins were that stellar in coverage.

Raheem The Dream’s evaluation should come at his Monday news conference.

Josh Johnson was quick to credit the Redskins’ secondary after the game.

“Most of the time when I took off it was because they had great coverage. I mean. They did. They had great coverage. So I was trying to do what I can possibly to move the chains,” Johnson said. “And hopefully they can start respecting the fact that I can run and we can get those guys on the edge open even more so we can make more plays. They played a great defensive game. You’ve got to give them credit.”

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