Offense Can’t Be Blamed On Jeff Jagodzinski

October 8th, 2009

Since Greg Olson wants a one-back set with Cadillac Williams getting the majority of touches, big-name free agent acquisition Derrick Ward now watches from the sidelines.

Raheem The Dream didn’t like the direction of the offense under one of his biggest hires, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski. Yet the offense has pretty much been a shambles since Jagodzinski’s departure.

Former Bucs beat writer and current columnist Don Banks believes Jagodzinski was a scapegoat.

Buffalo, Kansas City and Tampa Bay, the three teams that fired their offensive coordinators just before the season began, haven’t exactly fixed their issues. The Bills, Chiefs and Bucs are a combined 1-11, with that lone win coming in head-to-head play (Buffalo beat Tampa Bay). Turk Schonert, Chan Gailey and Jeff Jagodzinski obviously weren’t the whole problem.

Joe also wonders about changing the offense on the fly and the ramifications. So new offensive coordinator Greg Olson wants a one-back set with Cadillac Williams yet the Bucs big-name offseason free agent acquisition Derrick Ward sits on the sidelines collecting a big check.

So much for that power-running, throw-deep offense.

7 Responses to “Offense Can’t Be Blamed On Jeff Jagodzinski”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I wonder this – do you think the Bucs offense would have looked as badly against the Giants and Buffalo and Washington if coach Jeff Jagodzinski were still here?

    I personally liked the play calling in the pre-season and against Dallas. It just seemed like after the Dallas game the wheels came off the truck. In fact it appeared like the Bucs were using Jagodzinski’s playbook for week 1 then tossed it out the window from week 2 onward.

    But then again being down 10-0 in the 1st quarter will do that to a young and inexperienced coaching staff.

  2. mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe wrote, “So much for that power-running, throw-deep offense.”

    To give JJ some credit Joe it’s really difficult to throw-deep when you’ve got 3 defensive players in your face at 3-Mississippi.

  3. JK Says:

    Folks, It doesn’t make any difference who the coordinator is. It’s an inexperienced coach that doesn’t have a clue but obviously came very cheap for the Glazer kids.

  4. Charkh Says:


    Wouldn’t it be equally absurd to give Ward carries just because he was a big name free-agent acquisition? Cadillac is getting the job done and I don’t believe anyone would have predicted that. To me, this goes along the same lines as why we passed on Adrian Peterson. We have someone capable and playing like a premiere back. Why not make the best use of him?

  5. Larry Says:

    I guess it will take a few weeks for Olson to get his crap together. How can you judge firing Jags this quick. This is better served if it were after 8 games, IMHO.

  6. Karl Says:

    It dont make no difference who the cordinator is………….? Oh OK, than you should do the job JK since it dont matter.

  7. JK Says:

    Karl, I’ll bet your a straight A student. Very Good. Do you know anything about football?