Caddy Blasts Offensive Teammates

October 10th, 2009

Raheem The Dream often praises Cadillac Williams for running angry and playing angry.

Now it seems Williams is just plain angry at teammates he believes are slacking. In Joe’s mind, and Joe has played on a lot of teams in many sports, this is a very bad sign for the Bucs.  

Williams called out guys on the offense who he believes aren’t buying into doing their jobs, he told The Tampa Tribune.

“The chemistry on this team (is the problem),” Williams said. “Our offense, we’re not playing as one. Until everybody gets on one page, until everybody buys into doing their job, that’s when you are going to see things explode.

“Right now, we still have something missing here and there, not to point any fingers. Until everybody gets on one page, we’re going to continue to struggle.”

So who is Caddy referring to? Is he hearing the offensive line moaning about the zone blocking system? Is Michael Clayton complaining again? Is there bitching about Greg Olson’s play calling and installing new plays every week?

Joe hates to write this. But throw these comments alongside Davin Joseph calling out Sean Mahan and it’s getting ugly inside the bowels of One Buc Place. If wins don’t come soon, Joe believes the wheels might just fall off the Raheem The Dream regime come the bye week.

5 Responses to “Caddy Blasts Offensive Teammates”

  1. george c. costanza Says:

    Trade deadline coming up, Joe.

    Who’d you trade to pick up an extra pick or two for next year’s draft, which is supposedly deep and talented?

  2. Ray Ehnle Says:

    Caddy is a popular player just telling the truth. It is time to shut off the music and get serious about some football. The attention getters on the negative side are being “babied”. Kick their asses out and get someone with good behavior who wants to play some football. The first name crap with the coach obviously isn’t working either. I am a retired farmer. There should be one of us on each NFL team staff.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I don’t remember a time when the players came out and blasted each other so early in the season – but then again it’s been awhile since the Bucs have started 0-5.

  4. Ron Nado Says:

    Things are not looking good guys. Once players start coming out and pointing the fingers things tend to get worse.
    As far as making a trade George, knowing our new coaching staff they won’t trade to get extra picks they will trade away a pick for someone. They need a pass rusher bad!!!! I think most of defensive problems could be fixed if we could just get some pressure on a qb.

  5. Charkh Says:

    You guys are overreacting a bit. Are they venting frustrations? Sure. Pointing fingers? Who exactly did Caddy call out? He doesn’t even try to take his share of the blame off himself. He’s stating a fact that all the sports writers are saying about the bucs anyway. Our offense is out of sync.

    Davin Joseph was a bit more direct, but again, he didn’t say “he, he, he” he said “we, we, we.” The biggest thing an offensive line needs to be successful is continuity. Losing the guy in the center that also happens to make all the calls is sure to have an impact. He’s stating that fact. Not heaping the blame on the back-up.

    I know its commonplace in the media, but it seems like you guys are trying to twist the words a bit too much. Is everything OK over at Buc place? Probably not. But its definitely not as bad as Joe and other outlets are making it out to be. The only person that legitimately should be blasted is Clayton for pulling a Keyshawn Johnson and demanding the ball despite all his drops.